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Announce important updates to your super-fans with membership broadcasts

Everything you need to know about sending Membership broadcasts

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Announce important updates to your super-fans with Membership broadcasts

May 31, 2023

Offering membership options for your events gives you the opportunity to reward your best customers, encourages visitors to return more frequently and helps to foster brand loyalty (that can help you grow more revenue). You can now email all of your members using membership broadcasts, to update them with important event announcements. 

Whether you’re selling season passes for unlimited entry to your sports matches, releasing early-bird members-only tickets, or offering exclusive membership discounts, keeping your fans in the know will only help your events run even more smoothly. 

How do I get started with memberships? 

Everything you need to know about sending Membership broadcasts

We’re still updating our new memberships feature, based on your requests, and one of the biggest things you wanted is now here: Membership broadcasts!

Similar to the broadcasts you may have used to send reminder emails when running your events, Membership broadcasts can be used to send important announcements to your membership holders. 

These announcements might include: 

  • Reminders about members only visiting hours. 
  • Cancellations or closures when they can’t use their season-pass. 
  • New benefits, updates or changes to their memberships.

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How much does it cost to use Membership broadcasts?

What’s more, adding and managing Membership types, manually issuing Memberships and sending announcements with Membership broadcasts is all included free in Ticket Tailor! 

Only selling Membership products online has a small charge: 1 credit or 1 PAYG charge (the same as selling tickets).

Message your members

How can I send marketing emails to my Members?

Please note: Membership broadcasts can’t be used for marketing content. 
If you’re looking to add some marketing pizzaz to your emails, why not link your box office directly to MailChimp, a friendly and trusted email marketing software which works seamlessly with Ticket Tailor. 

Connect to MailChimp

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