Checking in on your check-ins

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If you use our check-in app for your events then you now have improved access to this powerful data.

We understand that check-in data is really important to many of you. So whether you’re a boutique festival checking your guests in or out over a weekend, sending capacity reports as a venue, or sending thank you notes to workshop participants — then you now have all the relevant data at your fingertips.

This has been a highly requested feature and we’ve made all of our updates based on your feedback.

You can find check-in data in the following places:

  • Live check-in stats on the event overview page. 

  • Export a check-in summary from your order dashboard.

  • View whether an individual attendee has checked-in by searching and reviewing their specific order. 

If you have an event where your attendees can check-in and out more than once: 

  • You can view check-in history in order details - this shows the specific time they checked-in and checked-out, and even who’s scanner was used.

  • You can see total attendance (how many people have checked in at least once) versus current attendance (how many people are currently checked-in) in your event overview. 

If you have past events with which you used the check-in app, then your historic data will also now be visible in your Ticket Tailor account.

For more information on how to set up in-person check-ins for your next event, visit our help centre, or get in touch with us at

We hope you love this update as much as we do!