Check out our checkout calendar!

Ticket Tailor Checkout

We’ve improved the ticket buying experience for recurring events, by adding a calendar to our checkout. Your ticket buyers will be able to easily select the date and time of your event, improving their buying experience (especially if you have lots of recurring events)

You asked for it, and we listened. 

Feedback from amazing users (like you) let us know that buyers wanted to choose when to buy tickets from a calendar, rather than a long list of dates and times. 

(We haven’t taken away the list – a ticket buyer can select from a list if they want to). 

Once someone clicks a calendar date, they can see all the times of your events that day, in a clearer and more concise way. 

This change greatly improves the ticket buying experience, especially if you have lots of events coming up or lots of time slots per event. 

This change has been applied automatically to all recurring events whether you are using event pages or widgets.  

For more ideas about how to customise your checkout experience, take a look at some event page design ideas, or some widget customisations