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Guest post: The best productivity apps for event organisers

Here are eight apps for managing your next event in style.

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This post has been guest-written by Francesco over at Keep Productive, which is a useful website to find your next productivity software through videos, articles, tutorials and courses.

Event organisation can be stressful. From a planning a client’s dream wedding to making a personal development conference with over 2,000 attendees the best it can be, there are hundreds of variables that could go wrong. As Murphy’s Law states, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” With this in mind, one of the best ways to prepare for any event is to be equipped with the most suitable resources for maximum productivity.

If you visit the App Stores, you’ll usually be hit by thousands of apps and software that scream “Use me, I’m the best for you!” - when they may not suit the needs for event organisers. This can be time-consuming and annoying as it means you don’t get the best recommendations for your needs. 

Eight apps for managing your next event in style

todoist app icon


This is a really reliable task management application. Todoist helps to capture ideas and tasks into what’s called an “Inbox”. Very much like your email, you can capture tasks there, then organise them into project lists or onto a timeline of tasks. This is perfect if you want to plan your week ahead. Todoist is a masterful experience for both personal and work items, and particularly for event organisers. They also have templates for your next planning session, which you can access on Windows, Mac, Web, iOS and Android for free.

bear focus timer app icon

Bear Focus Timer

This is a friendly way to improve your laptop work sessions. Bear Focus Timer (or BFT) helps you to focus by setting a timer on your phone and only letting it start if you flip the phone and refrain from using it. This is ideal when it comes to stopping access to your phone and allowing you to focus on one thing at a time. As event organisers, you may be tempted to grab your phone and continue on the rabbit wheel of texts, emails and even calls as they come in. If you’re looking to crush the inbox, use BFT to set short 20-minute sessions, focus on your work and don’t touch your phone - and you’ll be succeeding with what’s in front of you. Available for iOS for $1.99. 

front app icon


Too many emails to handle? There are now ways for you and your team to manage emails together. Front is a helpful way to do that. It’s like a team inbox and allows you to assign emails to each other. Maybe you have questions about your event coming in or need to discuss an email with a team member before you both reply, you can do that all with Front. This is ideal for teams that mostly use email to manage the process of information and improving your workflow. This is not a free application, as you’ll be shelling out $12 per user per month, but there are free trials on offer. app icon

Do you have a small team, and are in need of some level of project organisation? Well, is becoming a popular solution. In the last year, you may have seen their YouTube commercials and online presence expanding. allows users to manage team information, create custom boards and workflows which makes the organisation process so much easier. With timeline view, you can plan dependencies without going into a complicated Excel sheet. Like most project managers, it comes at a price. Prices start from $10 per month, per user. If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative, you could also try ClickUp or Asana.

scanbot app icon


Capturing documents on-site? Annotating PDFs with amendments? Scanbot is a nifty tool for iOS and Android to capture documents in high-quality; both coloured or plain black and white data. This is perfect for capturing anything from a legal document you need on the day, to a plan of the tables. It’s really versatile, and one thing that rocks about this app is that you can export to apps like Dropbox and Evernote. You can download Scanbot 9 for free on iOS and Android.

evernote app icon


The notebooks inside of Evernote can be your toolkit for notes, documents and files. Evernote is well-known for keeping you organised through notebooks that allow you to capture things on the go, and get access to them fast. You can create a notebook for every event, add notes, take meeting jottings and scan in documents and business cards (premium feature) which is perfect for making a base on Evernote. Evernote is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Web & Mac. This will be a lifesaver if you don’t already have a digital note-taker.

twist app icon


Some messaging services can get messy when it comes to searching files and even finding conversations amongst your own personal messages. Twist is a Slack-like application that will allow you and your team to communicate. Twist differs from Slack by being “Thread-first”, which makes it handy for starting intentional conversations about a specific problem or next stage of your event that you want to discuss. The best thing is that you can choose who you send the message to, so that it won’t disturb others in your team that it might not be relevant for.

krisp app icon


Background noise can be very distracting when you are on a call. Krisp is a recently developed application that reduces background noise. Connecting to existing tools like Skype and Zoom, you can take a call and it uses machine learning to understand the background noise and reduce it. Krisp is one of many tools that helps to improve your next call, whether with a speaker or an attendee with heaps of questions, giving you a boost of sound professionalism. They also offer a 14 day trial period.

Found one that you like? Perfect. Learn it, use it and optimise it. The best way to improve your learning is to search around for useful tutorials and resources. 

You can become a subscriber to Keep Productive on YouTube and enjoy all our videos about productivity software that might improve the way you work on your next event. 

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