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Hold up! You can now put tickets on hold for your event

We’ve just released the ability to hold tickets for your event.

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We’ve just released the ability to hold tickets for your event. 

As part of our mission to make selling your tickets as simple as possible, we have released a new feature that enables you to put some of your tickets on hold for an existing event. 

You’re now able to hold back a portion of online tickets for each event you have published on Ticket Tailor. As and when you need to, you can release these tickets back into your online allocation. 

Holds can be used for individual events and for occurrences in a series of recurring events. This allows you to maximise your marketing, and manage your capacity and sales with ease. 

Holds will be useful when: 

  • You have a portion of tickets allocated to an in-person box office. 
  • You are holding back some tickets for PR or press for your event. 
  • You have an allocation of tickets for your artists or performers to claim. 
  • You have a custom group booking for your occurrence, which has been arranged offline. 

You can place your first hold from your ‘issued tickets’ section of your event, or read a step by step guide to holds in our help centre. 

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