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NEW: Add-ons are here! Start selling more than event tickets

Find out: why add-ons are just the ticket to supercharge your events; how to create Add-ons in your Ticket Tailor account; and see some real life examples from our community of Eventrepreneurs.

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Your most requested feature (ever) has just launched! You asked for Add-ons, and our tech team has delivered.

Our new Add-ons feature means you can now sell merch and services on top of event tickets to create unmissable experiences and boost event revenue. So whether it’s pre-show programmes, interval ice creams or that festival-T-shirt-that-everybody-wants, it’s now possible.

Keep reading to find out: why add-ons are just the ticket (‘scuse the pun) to supercharge your events; how to create Add-ons in your Ticket Tailor account; and see some real life examples from our community of Eventrepreneurs.

If you read nothing else, here’s a quick overview of the Ticket Tailor Add-on feature 

If you want to get down to the nitty gritty, log in to your Ticket Tailor account and see for yourself by creating Add-ons. But as a quick snapshot, our Add-ons feature allows you to:

  • Customise your Add-ons: think photos, price, description, and more
  • Limit the quantity of your Add-ons either by event, or in total
  • Set up questions for Add-ons (e.g. 'what's your shipping address?')
  • Make Add-ons only available to ticket-buyers
  • Allocate Add-ons to just one or multiple events

Why sell Add-ons for your event?

Before you dive straight into selling branded t-shirts, drinks tickets and multi-coloured-magical-unicorns, start by asking yourself why you’re selling add-ons in the first place and what event-goers really want. If you put the customer's needs first, you’re much more likely to succeed.

The benefit of selling Add-ons for event-goers

  1. Keen event-goers want to get their hands on your merch as soon as possible – and selling add-ons before the event makes it even easier.
  2. It can cut endless queues at events and avoid event-goers' disappointment when they reach the front of a long line only to find out that the one thing they wanted has sold out.
  3. You might even offer merchandise or experiences at a reduced rate online, passing on savings (and a nod of thanks) to organised event-goers, who are likely your biggest fans.

a group of people in green shirts during the color run festival


The benefit of selling Add-ons for event creators

  1. Add-ons are your opportunity to upsell merchandise and can’t-buy experiences to even more people. They allow you to start selling online in the weeks leading up to your event, rather than just the few hours your event is running. 
  2. It can be an easy revenue booster, helping to maximise profits. And can help with cash-flow if your online ticketing platform pays you upfront for every sale. See how Ticket Tailor payment works
  3. Add-ons that sell fast and create a buzz can help you grow a loyal fan base, which is crucial if you plan on running recurring events. There's nothing stopping you from starting small and adding more inventory after the first batch has sold. See our 6 tips for building a loyal event community.
  4. You can make the most of buying intent, also known as purchasing intent – or to you and me, the window when your event-goers are purchasing their tickets. At this moment, ticket-buyers are already in the mindset of making a purchase, and have their card details at the ready, so they're easier to upsell to. 
  5. Easily manage and allocate inventory across all of your events from one place. Forget manually tracking stock, over-ordering and under-ordering. When you sell Add-ons from your Ticket Tailor account, you can get quick insights into your sales.

5 examples of Add-ons to inspire what you sell next

In the first 24 hours of launching Add-ons, Ticket Tailor Event Creators (or ‘Eventrepreneurs’, as we like to call them) have jumped at the opportunity to create Add-ons. From exclusive photo-opportunities in a wrestling ring, to always-essential parking passes, we’ve pulled together five simple examples of how you can sell more than just tickets using Add-ons.

two women sitting on a bench holding drinks


  1. Clothing is a classic example of a popular add-on. Why? Because t-shirts sell. Berlin-based Adicto are selling their official festival T-shirts for just £15. You could even consider a particular niche, like our friends at The Doctor’s Orders, who stock their FUN DMC Tees in kids sizes. (If it’s branded, even better, as your attendees become free walking advertisements).
  2. You don’t have to think outside the box. Programmes, magazines and books are great tangible items that can add to your event-goers experience. Tennessee-based Made South give their event-goers exclusive access to purchase chef-signed cookbooks in advance of their supper clubs. While King’s College are now selling guide books for their self-guided ground tours.  
  3. Food glorious food. Whether you’re a drive-through cinema selling sweet-and-salt popcorn, a theatre selling interval ice-cream, or a petting farm selling animal feed, you can see the advantage of selling food in advance. It can help you forecast the quantity you need, which can also help prevent food waste. And don’t forget about drinks! Aloha by Volume Festival is selling a Seltzer & Cider tasting as an add-on for just $20.
  4. Parking might not be the most glamorous add-on, but it can be a deal-breaker for your event attendees. Don’t forget you can limit the number of add-ons by event, which is handy if you run occurring events.
  5. Make your event accessible to more people with equipment hire. Ice skates. Check. Swimming towel. Check. Yoga mat. Check. Ceremonial Cacao to take home. Check!

Create add-ons in just three clicks

Ready and raring to start selling Add-ons? Whatever you choose to sell, the power is at your fingertips. 

  1. Log in to your Ticket Tailor box office, click ‘Add-ons’ in the purple menu bar 
  2. Then click ‘Add new add-on’ 
  3. Fill in the details about your Add-on, upload a photo, and click ‘Create add-on’. Easy.

Need help setting up Add-ons? Find your answers in our helpful article, chat to one of the Ticket Tailor Team on your app, or email us at [email protected].

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