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Our support is now 24 hours a day: here's why that is so important to us

At Ticket Tailor, we always work with our customers best interest in mind.

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At Ticket Tailor, we always work with our customers best interest in mind. As the Customer Experience lead at Ticket Tailor, in this post I want to share with you the secret sauce to our stellar customer support - Rhio

My day-to-day role is ensuring that we create the best product for event organisers to sell tickets.

One of the big ways we support our event organisers, and I think, one of the differentiators which sets us apart from other ticket selling platforms, is our stellar customer support team. As of today, I am over the moon to announce that our team has just expanded, meaning that we now have amazing and fast help 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. This is a huge step forward in offering the best possible customer support to you, our event organiser community.

Who are our support team? 

If you use Ticket Tailor, you may have interacted with one of our agents before (and hopefully you’ll remember the lovely chat you had).

We are a team of seven amazing agents, working around the world in 5 different timezones. This means whether you are in North America, Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world, we have you covered. All of our agents are trained to be product experts. They are incredibly knowledgeable about selling tickets for all of our events and totally dedicated to delivering quick, quality support - if ever you need it.

But at Ticket Tailor, quick and quality support just isn’t enough. 

We want to build a support team who really care about all of our event organisers and we have been lucky enough to build a team of just that; outstanding agents, willing to go above and beyond for our users.

One of our brand values is to be ‘soulful’. This means really caring about all of the things we do. This value really shines through via our support team, with every team member, in every timezone, giving genuine caring help to everyone we interact with. 

As well as having enviable first reply times, and a dazzling NPS score, I have the pleasure of seeing funny, personal and human conversations every day. 

It’s been so exciting to roll out 24-hour support, knowing we can give even more event organisers the best experience using Ticket Tailor! 

How did we achieve 5 star, 24-hour support? 

Supporting event organisers has always been at the heart of Ticket Tailor’s values, and our customer support team has been built from the ground up, as our product reach has grown.

Our customer support team grew from small origins. Initially, we just had one Customer Support manager — Lorant, who many of you may have spoken to — who managed to keep a huge number of event organisers supported. However, Ticket Tailor soon became too big for just one (albeit, heroic) person. So for the last few years, Lorant has expertly trained a global team of support superstars, training our team to excellence, and inspiring everyone to work with ‘soul’. 

Now that we have built a global support team our aim is to work together to continually improve on our support offering. 

Our support team was remote before it was cool, and we know communication is key. That’s why we have an open vibe, with problems shared and solved together, over Slack and through a shared inbox. 

We also like to keep things fun!

We know a happy team leads to better results, and we try to meet (virtually) once a month for a catch-up, where we chat, play games and workshop new ideas. 

Next up…

As more and more events are created on our platform, we know that we will need to continue expanding the support team, to make sure we are always delivering quick, quality support when you need it. 

We will continue to listen to our event organisers, and create features and updates that you really need. 

Above all, we will keep chatting - so if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see, or just want to tell us about your event, drop us an email at [email protected].

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