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Seamless, on-demand badge printing with our Ticketbutler integration

We’re therefore excited to introduce to you a new feature in your dashboard; Lightning fast on-demand name badge printing via Ticketbutler.

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It’s very common for us event planners to pour our hearts into pre-event promotion and registration. But the onsite experience is just as important when it comes to the attendees’ opinion post-event. 

We’re therefore excited to introduce to you a new feature in your dashboard; Lightning fast on-demand name badge printing via Ticketbutler.


When networking is a priority, name badges are the perfect ice-breakers

Networking matters. Events and conferences are as much about social and professional networking, as they are about the sessions. And sometimes, a person’s name and job title are the only two things your attendees need to get a conversation going. 

Encourage networking by providing your attendees with on-demand personalised name badges through the use of the mobile Ticketbutler name badge printer.

Unique, personalised name badges

Ticketbutler can fully tailor a badge design to suit the specific event. Any graphics and/or logos can be added to the design. Personalise badges additionally to showcase guests’ interests or different types of registration levels. 

Ticketbutler can even offer a one-stop-shop solution by delivering branded lanyards in recycled plastic or plantable name badges.

When the time comes to check in, simply scan your attendees’ Ticket Tailor ticket via the Ticketbutler app and voilá; the unique and personalised name badge is printed within seconds! Allow the mingling to commence!

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Keep your queues short, and your attendees happy

Onsite check-in and name badge retrieval queues may seem inevitable. But using Ticket Tailor’s integration with Ticketbutler, you can have your attendees moving out of the queue in no-time, with lightning fast check-in, followed by auto-printed, personalised name badges.

To get an idea of how fast the printers are; at Danish IT’s OffDig Conference in Denmark, Ticketbutler’s name badge printers checked-in and printed 37 attendee name badges per minute!

Time to say goodbye to the 10-minute name badge hunt?

Gone are the days when pre-printed and alphabetized name badges were a sign of a well-planned event. With today’s advances in event tech, you can skip prep time and eliminate unnecessary hold-ups.

Does an attendee have badge amendments at the door? No problem. Edit attendee details in Ticket Tailor, and reprint immediately by simply looking them up in the app and re-printing their badge. 

Do you expect last-minute walk-ups? Great, the more, the merrier! The Ticketbutler app is synced in real-time with your event in Ticket Tailor, meaning you can add and print late-comer badges onsite within seconds.

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Set up the printer wherever you want

The Ticketbutler thermal name badge printer is compact, wireless and mobile. When fully charged, the printers can print for a minimum of 8 hours. No batteries or ink is needed. All you need is an Android or iOS device (available for rent through Ticketbutler). 

Pair as many devices as you want with the same printer, and keep an eye on check-in numbers with real-time data in the check-in app.

Want to know how to get started?

Easy! Fill out this form and wait for Ticketbutler to get back to you within 1-2 business days. 

Once they’ve found the best solution for your specific event, you will receive a quote and can subsequently just lean back and relax. Simply invite Ticketbutler to your Ticket Tailor box office, and they will do all the integration magic, design your name label according to your specs and lastly, prepare and ship the printers to an address of your choice. 
Setting up the printers at the venue is easy and intuitive, and doesn’t require any advanced technical skills. If you have any questions at all, Ticketbutler’s tech support dream team is always at hand to assist either onsite or via phone, email and/or chat.

For more information on exactly how the process works check-out our badge printing help article.

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