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Set conditions for offline payments to stay in total control

We’ve listened to your feedback and added 3 conditions to help you sell more tickets, and make manual payments as easy as pie.

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To give your ticket buyers ultimate flexibility, you might be using Offline payments. This type of payment gives your customers the option to book a ticket online in advance and pay you outside of Ticket Tailor, for example using cash on the door, or by bank transfer or invoice.

Some of you let us know that collecting these types of payments is a really valuable option for you, but there were some updates that could make Offline payments even easier to manage. We’ve listened to your feedback and added 3 conditions to help you sell more tickets, and make manual payments as easy as pie.

1) Set a lead time so you can reconcile payments on your schedule

If you have a lot of payments via bank transfer, you probably cross-check the completed payments in your account against your Ticket Tailor orders a few days in advance of your event, to make sure that you’ve received all of your payments successfully. 

Previously, if you had on the day sales, you might not have seen them when you were behind your laptop. Even worse, you might not notice an unprocessed payment until after your event! Now you can choose when to stop offline payments being made. So if you want to have everything sorted a week in advance so that you can focus on creating the perfect vibe, we got you.

2) Give your biggest customers special payment options by setting a minimum order value 

Sometimes there are some people you’re more than happy to make special arrangements for. Your mum, the queen, and people putting through huge group ticket bookings for your event. 

If you want to offer payment via bank transfer for your large company accounts you can simply add a minimum order value to your Offline payment method so that it only appears when a large order has been added to your customers basket.

3) Set a maximum order value so you’re not counting the pennies on the door 

From collecting important dietary information before a conference, to using ticket sales to help schedule your staffing, to simply knowing who’s coming in advance; selling tickets in advance brings so many benefits. But, we know that some Last-minute-Laura’s still prefer to pay on the door.

You can protect your cashflow and make sure that pre-sales are booked by definites (not definitely-maybes) by setting a maximum order value for offline payments. For example, set your offline payment maximum value to the price of 2 tickets to only allow couples to book, and ensure a greater degree of accuracy in your pre-sale numbers. 

Are you ready to take control of your checkout?

Offline payments are a great way to offer flexibility to your ticket buyers, and with our new updates, you’re truly in control. Explore payment methods. 

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