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Share your ticket link with buyers more quickly with a handy QR code and boost event ticket sales

We’re super excited to launch easy-to-share QR codes for your event pages! 

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2023 has kick-started with a bang! From sell-out club nights to advanced group bookings, we know you’ve been busy… and so have we. 

We’re super excited to launch easy-to-share QR codes for your event pages! 

Businesses across a range of industries, from agriculture to tourism, are now using QR codes - so it’s time you thought about it too. Adding your QR code to event posters, flyers and even socials will help you to sell even more tickets, as your customers can simply scan the QR code with their phone, and be taken directly to your event page to snap-up tickets.

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Believe it or not, QR codes have been around since 1994! It took smartphone technology for people to really start to use QR codes, as phones suddenly made it easy for consumers to scan QR codes. 

The usage and awareness of QR codes boomed during the pandemic, as many companies adopted the technology to minimise the spread of disease. Think about how many restaurants switched to digital menus with the help of QR codes (and how many continue to do so today). There are no signs of it slowing down. 

In fact, in 2022 alone, dynamic QR codes were scanned a total of 6.8 million times – that’s a 433% increase from the 2021 figures. 

Grab the QR code from your latest event summary page now! 

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