The 7 best email marketing platforms for events right now

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Email marketing has been around for a long time, but it’s undoubtedly still one of the most effective ways to engage with audiences new and old. As an event planner, a solid email strategy should be one of the main marketing and communication tools you have in your inventory. Last year, a Hubspot survey showed 80% of business professionals believe email marketing increases their customer retention. And that 73% of millennials prefer information from a business to come via email.

The best way to use email effectively and productively is to choose a great email service platform that meets your needs. Let’s dive straight in:

What is an email marketing platform?

Email marketing platforms provide the software you need to streamline the process of sending emails for business purposes. Much more than just a way to ‘send emails’, though, they offer really robust solutions that make it easy to (among other things):

  • create beautifully designed emails (without HTML knowledge)

  • run marketing campaigns

  • segment audiences via demographics or other factors

  • automate email comms

  • create subscriber lists

  • integrate with other marketing or project management tools, and

  • provide in-depth analytics to help guide future email strategies.

How do you promote an event through email?

Promoting an event through email should involve a several-stage strategy that involves slowly building up anticipation for the event via interesting updates and content. This might look something like this:

  1. Send an initial event announcement message.

  2. Send out an early bird booking opportunity (you could do this for certain segments in your mailing list – like regular customers, for example).

  3. Send a series of two or three teasers including things like video interviews with key performers/speakers and footage from previous events.

  4. Send a reminder email for online event registration.

  5. Send a snappy and exciting reminder close to the event date including key information, like a map of its location, transport links and your event programme. 

7 Best email platforms for events

Here’s our take on the best email platforms currently out there for events marketing and communications:

Constant Contact

Hugely popular in the US, Constant Contacts’ goal is to help small businesses do more business! And we can’t disagree with that. Like us, Constant Contact, know that there’s more important things to do than spend your precious time figuring out the nitty gritty, whether that’s email marketing or event ticketing! So no matter how experienced you are with digital marketing, they’ll help you get results.

We love that this platform goes above and beyond email marketing to include social media support too. Check out some of the features we love:

  • Hundreds of beautifully designed templates help you get your desired look and feel

  • Easy A/B testing, means you can keep improving your email success from open rates to click-through-rates.

  • Marketing automation allows you to send timely emails

  • SMS marketing is a new feature, allowing you to expands your reach with text marketing

  • Social media tools, allow you to find new customers, schedule social content and respond directly to conversations on Facebook and Instagram

Ticket Tailor tip: You can integrate Constant Contact with Ticket Tailor. Allowing you to seamlessly create marketing lists using your ticket buyer data.

Pricing: Constant Contact offers a core plan for just £8 a month, or the plus plan for £34/month.


MailChimp is an industry leader, and for good reason. This robust platform is incredibly user-friendly and comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from such a high-profile service. Some of the things we love most about Mailchimp’s offering include the ability to:

  • create beautiful branded emails with zero design knowledge

  • get real-time analytics, and 

  • build long-lasting customer relationships with its customer journey tool. 

  • create landing pages with AI assistance

  • run social media marketing and paid advertising campaigns

  • create and run surveys (great for measuring event ROI).

Ticket Tailor tip: You can integrate Mailchimp with Ticket Tailor. So if you’re using our platform for your online event registration, you can link your email comms and marketing strategy directly with registrations/ticket sales.  

Pricing: MailChimp offers a free plan, then paid-for plans start from $9.99/month going up to $299/month.


EmailOctopus definitely delivers on its promise of ‘email marketing made easy’. The platform has a really user-friendly interface, and offers personable and reliable customer support. It’s also cheaper to use than many other leading email platforms while still offering an excellent product.

Some key features of the platform include the ability to:

  • use customisable email templates or create your own with an easy drag-and-drop feature

  • get data and insights to improve your email strategy

  • plug OctopusEmail into your favourite apps, including landing page builders and CRMs

  • welcome new subscribers automatically by creating email sequences that engage them as soon as they join your list

Pricing: EmailOctopus offers a free plan, and one paid-for plan which is $20/month.

Ticket Tailor tip: You can use the integration tool, Zapier, to integrate Ticket Tailor with EmailOctopus. Check out how here.


ConvertKit’s main offering lies in enabling you to “grow your audience by turning casual visitors into subscribers”. We like the fact that its messaging focuses on giving individuals the power to grow their own brand and increase their project’s profitability. This makes it a really attractive platform for smaller-scale event planners or those just starting out in the industry. 

Some key features of the platform include the ability to:

  • create beautifully designed emails

  • create your own email templates without touching HTML

  • send automated email funnels 

  • grow your email list with sign-up forms and landing pages

  • organise and understand your subscribers, and create customisable segments 

  • learn from in-depth analytics data

Pricing: ConvertKit offers a free plan, then paid-for plans start at $29/month going up to $59/month.

Ticket Tailor tip: You can use the integration tool, Zapier, to integrate Ticket Tailor with ConvertKit. Check out how here.


HubSpot is a major player and thought-leader in the digital realm, offering extensive educative resources, software and tools to help with all aspects of online marketing. Naturally, it offers a fantastic email marketing platform as part of this, which lets you:

  • create beautiful emails with an easy drag-and-drop editor

  • boost email open rates and engagement with tailored campaigns

  • schedule emails in advance 

  • protect the data of those who receive and interact with your emails

Ticket Tailor tip: You can use the seamless integration tool, Zapier, to integrate Ticket Tailor with HubSpot. Check out how here.

Pricing: HubSpot offers a free email marketing tool, or you can pay for a HubSpot marketing account for a whole host of features with prices starting at $38/month and going up to $2,624/month for its enterprise package.


SendInBlue promises to “help you reach the right people and produce the right content”. As well as a great email marketing offering, it also has a handy SMS feature that lets you communicate via text with your customers too. We like the fact SendInBlue has a real ambitious, enterprise feel, but without the hefty price tag usually associated with this.

Some key features of the platform include the ability to:

  • create beautifully designed, personalised emails 

  • send automated emails to segmented audiences

  • create landing pages for better engagement

  • launch Facebook ads from your SendInBlue account

Ticket Tailor tip: You can use the seamless integration tool, Zapier, to integrate Ticket Tailor with SendInBlue. Check out how here.

Pricing: SendInBlue offers a free plan, then paid-for plans start at £16.50/month going up to bespoke enterprise packages.


Aweber prides itself on its simplicity – an appealing factor for many event planners who want great email marketing functionality without too much fuss. Having said that, there’s nothing basic about Aweber’s offering, which provides the same level of excellent functionality as other leading email services. You can also use Aweber for free – another impressive plus point. 

Some key features of the platform include the ability to:

  • create branded email templates in seconds

  • automate personalised email campaigns 

  • analyze the results of your emails/campaigns via a library of pre-built reports and analytics

  • migrate your email list from anywhere to Aweber for free

  • grow your lists with integrated sign-up forms

Ticket Tailor tip: You can use the seamless integration tool, Zapier, to integrate Ticket Tailor with Aweber. Check out how here.

Pricing: Aweber has a free plan and a ‘pro’ plan which is $16.15/month.

Choosing the right email platform for event planning can make a huge difference when it comes to growing your operation in both size and reputation. With the right tools at your fingertips, you’ll be able to engage your audience, improve their experience of your brand, and – perhaps most importantly – make sure the content you produce is being put in front of the right eyes at the right time. Good luck!