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28 June 2024

How Anime Dallas has created the perfect, affordable convention for fans

women in meeting working together
Event inspiration

8 March 2024

IWD 2024: 'Invest in women: accelerate progress’ – 5 women-led events selling tickets on Ticket Tailor

Chinese Dragon Light
Event inspiration

22 February 2024

Event ideas that we loved from Chinese New Year 2024 (and that will inspire you for 2025)

two men sitting in chairs in front of a large crowd
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18 December 2023

A peek at the inner workings of Europe’s largest screenwriting festival (it’s epic)

a green forest with mountains in the background
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7 December 2023

Carbon Unbound: A deep-dive with the world’s leading carbon removal summit

poster about event industry trends 2024 with chart

29 November 2023

Event industry trends 2024: Predictions, insights & data from Ticket Tailor

a group of shiny red gems
Customer stories

3 November 2023

Meet Friendly.rb – the developer weekender that’s helping to redefine what conferences look like

a city with a clock tower
Event inspiration

1 November 2023

Everything you need to know about running a successful tour guide business – from someone who’s nailing it

a group of decorated easter eggs
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18 October 2023

14 fun and easy ideas for Easter fundraising

a christmas tree with a gold ornament
Event inspiration

17 October 2023

23 Christmas fundraiser ideas for the festive season

a person smiling at camera
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12 October 2023

Meet The Farm on Central – the family-run farm giving a whole new meaning to eating organic

a group of pumpkins on the ground
Event planning

22 September 2023

How to set up a profitable pumpkin patch on your farm or land & inspirational examples

a group of fish swimming in the water with logo airecon
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21 September 2023

How a gaming weekend with mates turned into an award-winning annual convention with 4000 attendees

a carved pumpkin with smoke coming out of it
Event inspiration

19 September 2023

An event creator’s guide to Halloween trends for 2023

a pumpkins lit up in the grass
Event inspiration

19 September 2023

7 inspiring ways to make your halloween event truly killer

a group of women sitting around a campfire
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21 August 2023

22 Bonfire Night ideas & activities to make this year’s events sparkle

a group of wrestlers posing for a photo
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17 August 2023

The wrestling fan who turned his childhood dream into a reality with an events business like no other

Hidden notes with words and date
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15 August 2023

A deep-dive into Hidden Notes: We chat to the man behind the one-of-a-kind music festival

Customer stories

20 July 2023

Amsterdam Tulips Tour: How one man with a vision went from niche tour operator to private tour guide for Barack Obama

central cinema building
Event inspiration

20 July 2023

Come on Barbie, let’s go party: How event organisers are jumping on Barbie fever for their upcoming events

a skeleton with its hand up
Event inspiration

14 July 2023

7 game-changing venue ideas for your Halloween events

a group of people riding bicycles on a road
Customer stories

3 July 2023

How one cycling enthusiast turned their passion into a thriving tour business

a person smiling and welcoming the audience
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16 June 2023

Inside the mind of a music agent – we talk to TALENTBANQ about the magic of representing incredible talent

two persons are posing with a food
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7 June 2023

Comedy, classic texts, and side-splitting chaos: we chat to the revered Slapstick Picnic

a person speaking into a microphone in front of a crowd
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27 April 2023

Mythology, weddings, and proms in the woods: This is Thorington Theatre one year on

a poster with a sun and clouds
Event inspiration

13 April 2023

6 examples of festival websites that work brilliantly

hands holding a small plant
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12 April 2023

20 Earth Day ideas for event planners

a group of people sitting at tables and drinking wine while one person is talking to them
Customer stories

14 March 2023

Meet Becky, Founder of Legs Body Finish – the wine club with a full-bodied difference

a group of people holding a sign
Event inspiration

7 March 2023

Event spotlight: 5 empowering events we’re celebrating this International Women’s Day

squarespace website template
Event inspiration

10 February 2023

10 Beautiful Squarespace templates for events

a group of women sitting at a table writing
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31 January 2023

Talking to Laura Letters Life – on turning a passion into a thriving creative & wellbeing business

a crowd of people watching performance on a stage

22 December 2022

Ticket Tailor’s 2023 event industry trends

a group of kids posing for a picture
Customer stories

15 December 2022

Meeting Show Aloha Land – probably one of the most festive Christmas events in the world, ever

a person holding a whiteboard with writing on it
Event inspiration

18 November 2022

Event spotlight: Transgender awareness week

a table with plates of food
Event inspiration

4 November 2022

Thanksgiving event ideas for fundraising, fun & education

a person holding a cup of coffee
Event inspiration

3 October 2022

7 inspiring and ultra-autumnal fundraising ideas for Fall 2022

a person holding apples in their hands
Event inspiration

9 September 2022

6 easy last-minute Rosh Hashanah event ideas for the local community

a sign on top of a building with red letters stranger things
Event inspiration

19 August 2022

8 pop-culture Halloween event themes for 2022

a toy train on a wood floor
Customer stories

19 May 2022

How one dad turned a kids’ day out into a thriving business with 30+ venues

a group of people walking under a string of flags
Event inspiration

11 May 2022

10 lovely community event ideas for summer

a group of people singing on a stage
Customer stories

4 May 2022

Surviving a pandemic – by bringing music to a monastery

hands holding a small plant
Event inspiration

20 April 2022

The low-down on Earth Day 2022 & a round-up of amazing eco-events

two donkeys standing over a wooden fence
Customer stories

23 February 2022

Client spotlight: Amelia Trust Farm, the family farm that cares

a pile of hearts on a wood surface
Event inspiration

24 January 2022

5 super easy Valentine's fundraising ideas

a large exhibition hall with people and craft
Customer stories

20 October 2021

Client spotlight: The craft market that grew from living room to exhibition hall

a person in a brown vest and hat standing in front of a white building
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17 August 2021

Client spotlight: A look at how the National Museums NI use Ticket Tailor across 4 magnificent museums

a group of triangles in a blue background
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17 June 2021

Client spotlight: Berlin's jaw dropping art and sound installation, DARK MATTER, now live on Ticket Tailor

a group of people holding rainbow flags
Event inspiration

13 June 2021

6 unmissable LGBTQIA+ events to celebrate Pride 2021

a computer screen with opened website template
Event inspiration

24 March 2021

Event website design inspiration – 7 bold & beautiful examples

a person with a microphone
Customer stories

26 February 2021

Client spotlight: Broadway star Lena Hall on her virtual concerts

a close up of a christmas tree
Event inspiration

7 December 2020

6 festive classes & workshops you can host online (and how to run one)

a crowd of people at a concert
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19 November 2020

Client spotlight: Maui Waui Events' drive-in fireworks show

a cartoon of a group of people with thumbs up
Customer stories

11 November 2020

Comedy at The Covid Arms: a chat with the guys who accidentally started one of this year’s most successful comedy clubs

a person lying on the ground
Product updates

2 November 2020

6 very cool things you can automate by integrating Ticket Tailor with Zapier

web page design with a ferris wheel with lights
Event inspiration

2 July 2020

Inspiration to help you make beautiful event pages on Ticket Tailor

a screenshot of a website template
Event inspiration

25 June 2020

Best Wordpress templates for events

screenshot of a wix website template
Event inspiration

19 June 2020

Best Wix templates for events

a person with a beard smiling
Customer stories

20 April 2020

Client spotlight: Nick Church Photography

two persons looking at a laptop
Event inspiration

6 March 2020

Women in business & beyond: What we can learn from the 2020 trailblazers

a crowd of people at a concert
Customer stories

20 August 2019

Client Spotlight: Quick Panda Productions

a person wearing a party hat and holding a fish in her hand
Customer stories

26 June 2019

Client Spotlight: Alma Theatre

a group of people posing for a photo
Customer stories

19 June 2019

Client Spotlight: Bristol Improv Theatre

a group of women standing next to a table with drinks
Customer stories

11 September 2018

Transitioning to digital ticketing: a parent-teacher association’s story

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