Ticket Tailor partners with LinkedIn to help events build an online community

Creating an engaged and connected audience is the holy grail of any event creator. It increases loyalty, word-of-mouth and keeps your brand relevant all year round.

We’re thrilled to share that Ticket Tailor is partnering with LinkedIn on a new feature that helps event creators around the world to build active and engaged professional communities on LinkedIn. Whether you’re running a conference, expo, workshop or community event, this new integration will make it simple to foster connections and discussion - before, after and during the event.

Activate the LinkedIn community builder now. Or keep reading to learn more.

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Turn your event attendees into an active community

What’s your favourite part of attending a trade show or conference? Well, whether it’s inspiration from keynote speakers, or meeting new people, the other attendees are key to your experience.

Events and conferences are as much about social and professional networking, as they are about their content. They’re about the chance to meet new people, talk about shared interests and industries, and learn new skills. Creating an active and engaged community among event attendees is therefore vital to the success of an event, from both the attendee and event organiser standpoints.

Building professional event communities together with LinkedIn 

We’re teaming up with LinkedIn on this exciting product launch to create active, digital event communities on LinkedIn to maximise knowledge exchange and networking.

With our event integration, attendees going through the registration/ticketing flow can also easily join the event page on LinkedIn. There, they can see who else is attending, connect and message them, share content and discussions, and invite their network to join the event. 

What’s the benefit for event organisers? It provides you with a decisive edge. Using the power of LinkedIn’s network means your community of attendees can easily share your brand and content with their respective, valuable networks.

Want to get started?

Easy! Ticket Tailor now offers what we call the “Community Builder,” an easy way to create a community on LinkedIn for professional events. Once you set up your event on Ticket Tailor, just follow the three simple steps on Ticket Tailor’s Connected Apps Page to activate a LinkedIn community from your event registration flow.

Community, be it in-person or online, keeps us connected. After all, what’s an event without a good conversation or a new connection? If you’re an event organiser, invest in your community, or if you’re an event attendee and come across our integration, take the opportunity to join and connect with others to learn and build a valuable professional network.

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