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Ticket Tailor’s fully-fledged API is now live

Find out how you can get your hands on a case of our limited edition brew.

a bottle of beer with text overlay

It’s here! To mark the launch of our API, we’ve launched an IPA 🎉. Keep reading to find out how you can get your hands on a case of our limited edition brew.

a bottle of beer with text overlay

After months in the making, the Ticket Tailor API is now live, giving event creators the ability to build powerful integrations with their own products or other third-party tools. Our ambition is to make the Ticket Tailor API as powerful as the Dashboard - so, almost anything you can do in the product will be available in the API. 

Already over 1,500 Ticket Tailor box offices have active API keys – and that’s something to raise a toast too! 🍻

First things first, for those not in the know, what’s an API?

Don’t worry, if you haven’t heard of an API - that’s what we’re here for. It stands for Application Programming Interface, and it allows you to interact with Ticket Tailor in code instead of through the dashboard (which is known as a UI). For example, you can set up a discount code via the dashboard using your mouse and keyboard, but with the API you could write some code that does the same thing.

Why would you want to use the Ticket Tailor API?

Our powerful API allows you to integrate and automate till your heart’s content. Here are some examples of how our event creators have begun to use the API: 

  • Creating a branded custom checkout
  • Syncing with Badge printing devices at your event - did you know we’re integrated with TicketButler for all your badge printing needs?
  • Custom check-in systems (for example, Startix now have a bespoke check-in system for their 5,000 seat venue in Singapore!)
  • Building internal company sales dashboards
  • Importing sales from other platforms, and creating holds to prevent overselling
  • Importing events from other platforms
  • Creating voucher codes for gift cards
  • Connecting to a CRM system integration and keeping contacts, sales, orders, and finances in sync

How do I get started?

If you’re not too familiar with APIs or don’t know where to start, we’d recommend bringing a developer on board to help. Everything you need to know about the Ticket Tailor API can be found here. And as always, there’s also lots of information in our help center, like how to connect to the API or how to create a webhook

Once you’re ready, you can start building your dreams.

What’s with all the beer?

two men holding bottles of beer


Ok, so we haven’t actually brewed an IPA beer…yet! (Sorry for teasing).

Not only is it one of our fave post-work drinks, but there were too many API puns to miss the opportunity - and who can resist a palindrome?

If you’d be interested in a Ticket Tailor API IPA, simply leave us your details, and we’ll see what we can do.

beer label

Much like our imaginary beer, our API has been hand-crafted by Igor, Audrius, Jamie and the Ticket Tailor tech team. We’d love to hear your feedback and requests - please email [email protected] to talk to one of our developers. Cheers!

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