Updates to our recurring events features

We’ve been overwhelmed with the take-up of our recurring events feature. Box offices have been using this feature to sell tickets for zoos, theme parks, museums, classes and so much more. It’s so exciting to see events live and selling tickets months into the future.

Check out our demo of a petting farm using time slots >>>

To ensure we continue to optimise and improve the usability of this feature we’ve made some handy updates for you to check out.


Copy a recurring event

It has always been possible to duplicate one-off events, but you can now copy recurring events too. This means if you have a similar event series taking place, you now don’t have to start from scratch - you can just ‘Copy to new event’ and make the tweaks required for the new event.

copy recurring event.gif

Set a custom status for unavailable occurrences

You may want to make an occurrence unavailable for a variety of reasons, but previously you couldn't update the status to tell your tickets why they were unavailable. Now you can set whatever status you like to better inform your ticket buyers. For example, you could say ‘Coming soon’ or ‘Closed for private party’.

Hopefully, this additional level of control means that you can be clearer with your audience.

Calendar selector for ticket buyers

Events with large numbers of occurrences will be happy to hear that all recurring events now offer ticket buyers the option to use a calendar to select the specific date they would like to buy a ticket for.

Feb-24-2021 12-23-54.gif

Check-in data available on your dashboard

You can now review who checked-in (and out), at what time and who scanned their ticket directly on your dashboard. This powerful check-in data will help with understanding no-shows, live capacity management and settling disputes.

The data is backdated to include all past events, so log in and have a dig around to see who actually turned up to your past events!