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Webinar whizz-through – Ticket Tailor x Tixel integration: How ethical ticket resale can help your events thrive

We recently ran a webinar with Tixel to talk all about the exciting new Ticket x Tixel integration – plus *why* this matters for you, as an event organiser.

a crowd of people watching musicians on a stage

We recently ran a webinar with Tixel to talk all about the exciting new Ticket x Tixel integration – plus why this matters for you, as an event organiser. 

Watch the video below, or if you’re strapped for time – read through this quick whizz-through for the key takeaways 👇.

A bit of background on ethical ticket resale

We’ve all heard the media stories about tickets being listed on various resale sites at truly eye watering prices. When people buy up tickets at face value then sell them on at drastically inflated prices – it’s just not fair for the fans who genuinely want to attend a certain event.

Even big star names like Ed Sheeran have joined the conversation, who’s manager took action after noticing that Ed Sheeran concert tickets – originally sold at £75 – were being resold for as much as £7000. Yep – seven. thousand. pounds… each.

While this is clearly wrong in so many ways, it’s not going to work to simply ban all ticket reselling. Sometimes people buy tickets for an event and then just can’t go – for whatever reason. So it makes sense that they should be able to sell their ticket to another willing fan. That way, they get their money back, the fan gets to attend the event, and the event creator gets a full venue with no empty seats. 

Enter: Tixel 👇.

What is Tixel? 

Tixel is an ethical event marketplace created specifically to tackle the problems outlined above. They’re committed to “driving the industry to be fair, accessible, and transparent.” We’ll get into the details of how they do this a bit further down. But first – let’s take a look at some of the key ticket resale sticking points they highlighted in the webinar:

Issues facing the ticket resale space

  • Fan safety: Buying second hand tickets can be fraught with danger. It’s not uncommon for one ticket to be sold to hundreds of people; the first person at the door gets into the event, then everyone else gets turned away. 
  • Flexibility: Fans don’t want to feel locked into their purchase when they buy a ticket. Just like buying anything else these days, they want to know they can ‘return’ it (or, in this case, sell it on to get their money back) if needed. Having the option to resell means fans will be more likely to buy tickets early on, which is good news for event creators. 
  • Admin burden: When tickets are resold, dealing with name changes, transfers and other processes can be really cumbersome for both the event creator and buyer.
  • No-shows: When people who’ve bought tickets can no longer attend an event, the event creator still needs to be able to fill the room. 
  • Missing data: When people resell tickets across a plethora of platforms, it’s impossible to keep track of who is actually attending an event. So creators might find their future marketing campaigns are aimed at the wrong kinds of people. 

How Tixel solves these issues for happier event creators and fans

Tixel helps to completely eradicate some of the biggest issues surrounding ticket resale by allowing fans to:

  • Safely buy and sell tickets at fair prices – capped pricing means there’s a limit to how much tickets can be resold for.
  • Have full peace of mind that they’re getting what they pay for – Tixel’s award-winning SafeScan Technology helps keep ticket buyers safe, and they have a money-back guarantee just in case a ticket doesn’t get fans what they paid for.
  • Join waitlists that work – fans can sign up to get instant notifications when certain tickets come on sale. Or they can sign up for auto-purchase, which means the ticket is automatically purchased as soon as it becomes available. 

a group of people sitting on a hill looking at a large crowd of people

As well as the above, Tixel is packed full of amazing features that provide exceptional value for Ticket Tailor users and their attendees – like:

  • The Tixel x Ticket Tailor integration means the process of reselling a Ticket Tailor ticket through Tixel is fully secure. Every person that buys a resold Ticket Tailor ticket is given a brand new ticket with a unique Ticket Tailor barcode in their name. And the seller’s ticket is automatically voided – so there’s no way the ticket can be sold to multiple people.
  • Automatic validation for Ticket Tailor tickets – thanks to the Tixel x Ticket Tailor integration, Tixel automatically validates that a ticket is 100% from Ticket Tailor.
  • The ability for sellers to make their listings public or private – private listings provide a great way to transfer tickets to a predetermined buyer.
  • The ability for event creators to set up fan exchanges for each of their events, which can really help drive event community while giving fans a safe place to get the tickets they want.
  • Tons of fantastic audience data for event creators – their Tixel dashboard makes it super easy to transport audience data and monitor interesting trends and correlations between ticket sales and campaigns.  
  • The ability for Ticket Tailor users to see all Tixel resale transactions for their events – these are synced to your Ticket Tailor account, so you can see when an old ticket is voided and a new buyer gets a brand new ticket. 

How to set up the Ticket Tailor x Tixel integration

We have a full written tutorial that guides you through setting up this integration (there’s a handy video, too) – check it out:

After you’ve set this up, if your attendees ask you how to resell tickets to your event, you can let them know it’s super easy to do via Tixel. 

How do Ticket Tailor x Tixel fees work?

  • The Tixel integration doesn’t affect your Ticket Tailor pricing. You’ll be charged as usual for the original Ticket Tailor sale, never for any resales through Tixel.
  • Tixel is free to use for event organisers. They charge the seller and buyer a small percentage of each transaction. This is completely transparent for both sides – Tixel is committed to keeping ticket reselling as fair and accessible as possible, so there are no nasty hidden fees, or anything like that. 

A Ticket Tailor x Tixel success story

a crowd of people watching musicians on a stage

Tora Bombora, a New Zealand “festival for the soul, on the edge of the world” (yes please! 🙌) has been using Ticket Tailor for quite a few years. In their early days, as their festival started to grow, they noticed they were starting to sell out really quickly and that there was a lot of resale activity on their Facebook page. So they decided to partner with Tixel – which was great. But there was one problem: there was a sizable amount of admin and go-between involved in marrying their Ticket Tailor activity with their Tixel activity.  

Fast Forward to now, and here’s what Tora Bombora has to say about this new integration:

“Ticket Tailor and Tixel are an absolute essential combo for any Event Manager big or small. I’ve used both platforms for half a decade and it’s fair to say I’m stoked they’re partnering. This will definitely improve the experience for ticket holders of my events and will make my life as an Event Promoter much easier.” – Louis Murphy-Harris, Director of Tora Bombora & The Aotearoa Surf Film Festival

Closing thoughts

Facilitating ethical ticket resale as an event creator is a fantastic way to build trust in your brand and help your event communities thrive. Here at Ticket Tailor we’re super excited to be able to complete one big piece of the puzzle by offering this new integration with the brilliant platform that is Tixel. We reckon it’s going to be a real gamer-changer!

And that’s a wrap. Watch this space for more handy collaborative content for event creators… until next time!

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