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Why event organisers love using Ticket Tailor with Stripe

Take a look at what our customers have to say.

poster which tells that ticket tailor and stripe makes selling tickets simple

Ticket Tailor and Stripe make selling tickets simple

In 2021, we helped over 4,000 different types of event organiser sell loads of tickets to their events. 

From petting farms to modern art galleries, U-pick flower farms to festivals, Stripe and Ticket Tailor are a winning combination if you’re looking for an easy way to make money from event tickets and to grow your business. 

But don’t take it from us, take a look at what our customers have to say…

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Selling tickets online boosts revenue for nonprofits  

On the Road Again is a nonprofit that runs paid workshops for people who have had issues with DWI and DUI's. Their counselling program educates these people to help them make better decisions. They told us that the low costs to sell tickets online helped them to grow their nonprofit, even during Covid:

“We are a nonprofit and did not have much of a budget to sell tickets online. Before, it was a mess. We would have people pay directly, e.g. with cash, and then we would manually have to mark attendees as paid. It was exhausting and did not work!

With the help of Ticket Tailor and Stripe, things have been so easy and streamlined. Many competitors of ours sadly went out of business because of Covid as they did not have things in place for online ticket sales and Zoom classes, but because we had that all setup, our business grew thanks to Ticket Tailor and Stripe.”

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Using the Stripe checkout is easy for your customers

So many event organisers love selling tickets online, via Stripe and Ticket Tailor. 

Ben from the AireCon board gaming convention ​​told us that “now we use Stripe with Ticket Tailor, I can't imagine selling tickets without it! Our attendees find it easy to use, the low fees are great for us and I can foresee using it for years to come.” 

Now we use Stripe with Ticket Tailor, I can't imagine selling tickets without it!

Stripe offers low processing fees for payments, especially if you accept alternative payment methods (such as iDEAL, bancontact or apple pay). This allows you to offer convenience to your customers at a great price point for you. When it’s totally integrated into your checkout flow, selling tickets is a breeze for you and your customers.

Jose from Blue Badge Premium Virtual Tours explains that “I run a series of online virtual tours with an audience of an average age of 65. The user-friendliness of Ticket Tailor and Stripe have made it extremely easy for my clients to book.”

Online ticket sales are easy to manage 

After selling tickets online, you’ll never look back. It’s so much easier to sell out your events and saves a lot of time. 
For West End Wigglers baby movement sessions, selling tickets online has transformed their business. Jo said:

“​​Stripe has made my life so much easier in regards to running my business. I used to do sales for my sessions manually but now I can sit back and leave it Stripe to do the work for me. I also get speedy and efficient responses to any issues I have which takes a load off my mind”

“It made organizing the whole ticket selling and refunding if necessary so much easier. Stripe makes this so flexible. Being able to program payouts, have a great overview of the income etc. is great. It also gives full control over how much goes into my business account. Love it!” was echoed by Pieter from Ora events.

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The simplest way to sell tickets 

Still not convinced? We think Chris from STHLM Wrestling summed it up perfectly: “Stripe. It's just easier.” 

Create an event with Ticket Tailor and Stripe, or add Stripe to your event today.

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