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Why you should make street food a priority at your next summer event

Let’s take a closer look at why adding street food into the mix at your next summer event is truly a no-brainer

a person holding a container of food

Remember the days where the phrase ‘food truck’ conjured images of frozen burgers, gigantic bottles of ketchup and… not much else? Sure, those trucks still have their place in the world (nothing really beats the smell of fried onions, let’s be honest). But… thanks to the street food revolution, there’s now a whole lot more on offer than chips, cheese ‘n’ garlic sauce when it comes to food-from-a-van.

Today, street food has become an artform in its own right. There isn’t a single cuisine (seemingly) that hasn’t been given its own, perfectly-packaged moment in the spotlight. From the bright-orange tanginess of American buffalo chicken to the juicy, garlicky goodness of the Greek gyros, this foodie trend spans all corners of the globe. And it doesn’t show any sign of letting up.

Street food & summer events: a match made in heaven

The thing about street food is – it’s got a sort of cult-following vibe that’s been proven to draw big crowds. In fact, what started from humble beginnings has since grown into a billion-pound market. Just look at the success of London’s Kerb, Birmingham’s Digbeth Dining Club, and Newcastle’s Hawker Market. People flock in the hundreds to these mouth-watering street food destinations each week to sample casual culinary delights from all over the world. 

It follows, then, that incorporating a street food offering into your summer event is a smart thing to do. And the best bit? It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a music festival, art fair, outdoor comedy club or something else. The beauty of delicious food is that it has universal appeal. We’ve all got to eat, right?

Let’s take a closer look at why adding street food into the mix at your next summer event is truly a no-brainer👇

a plate of corn on the cob

📈 It could help you sell more tickets 

Let’s start with the obvious thing – selling tickets! As an event planner, you’re probably always thinking about how to boost ticket sales even further – and we think street food is the perfect way to do it. Especially during the summer when the weather lends itself to casual, outdoor eating. (Is there anything better than stomping around a festival field with a cold drink in one hand and something delicious to eat in the other?)

The more layers of excitement you can add to your event, the more appeal it’s going to have to potential attendees. Seeing a great gig and getting to try one of the hottest new food trends all in one afternoon… Who could say no to that?!

💰 It provides a good reason to charge more for tickets

It’s logical that the more robust your event is, the more you can charge for tickets. Think about it like this: would you be willing to pay more for an event with basic facilities and no food on offer, or one with a great food offering that genuinely added to the experience of the day?

Research shows that people are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Add to this the popularity of street food, and it seems fair to assume you can charge a bit more for tickets if you incorporate it into your event. One thing’s certain – customers are going to have a way better experience if they can enjoy innovative culinary treats at your event than if they had to wait to go to the local Maccy’s for lunch.

a close up of a burger

🤤 It provides excellent fodder for social media posts 

A recent study revealed that posting images of calorie-dense foods on social media boosts engagement. (We all know the feeling of drooling over the perfect grilled-cheese-sandwich-Insta-shot, right?) 

The paper highlighted that these kinds of foods were more likely to get lots of positive interaction in the form of comments, likes and shares. 

So when you do finally secure that delicious street food vendor for your event, be sure to post plenty of pics of what’s on offer. Whether it’s belly-busting burgers, crisp calamari or the heavenly Canadian classic poutine (those who know, know) – we’re sure your social media channels will thank you for it. 

It goes without saying that more social media engagement is brilliant news for your event and ticket sales! 🎉

👀 Your event will be exposed to a whole new audience

Like with any great partnership, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of your event being exposed to a whole new audience when you bring one or more street food vendors on board. 

Most street food companies genuinely do have their own dedicated following. So when they start posting about their new partnership with your event, you’ll get to enjoy a whole new round of publicity that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

While we’re on the topic – this article on how to build a loyal event community is worth checking out.

a group of people holding food

⚡ Some street food trends to embrace this year 

So, you’re convinced you need to find the perfect street food partner for your next summer event! But what kind of street food to go for? Some trends to look out for right now are:

  • Buffalo chicken
  • Venezuelan cuisine 
  • Malaysian cuisine
  • Vegan and meat-free meals
  • Churros and sweet snacks
  • Local, sustainable food 
  • Japanese fried chicken (‘Karaage’)
  • Middle Eastern cuisine

Anyone else starting to feel hungry…? 

On that note – here’s to delicious eats, happy attendees, and sold-out summer events! Good luck! 

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