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We understand that handling your customer data and event information has risks – and we go to great lengths to ensure that Ticket Tailor is a robust and secure platform that you can trust.

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Security first

Ticketing you can trust

Data security is important for every event and we take that responsibility incredibly seriously here at Ticket Tailor. We regularly review our tech stack and security processes to ensure that we maintain the highest security standards. Ticket Tailor is popular with security conscious clients and events, such as government bodies, charities and education institutions.

PCI DSS level 1 Compliant

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is an information security standard designed to reduce payment card fraud by increasing security controls around cardholder data.

The Standard is a result of a collaboration between the major payment brands and is administered by the PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council).

Ticket Tailor has achieved the highest level of PCI compliance.

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Permissions, passwords and authentication

We implement best-practice password control and give you control on the level of security you implement on your account.

Ticket Tailor enforces a password complexity standard and passwords are stored as hashes using the bcrypt function.

All Ticket Tailor accounts have the ability to turn on 2-factor authentication (2FA).

We enable permission levels within the app to be set for teammates. There are four levels to chose from: Admin, Event Manager, Order Manager, Overview.

Reliable uptimes

We have annual average uptimes of 99.9% or higher, meaning you can be confident that your event and ticket sales won't take a hit from system downtime.

Running a high volume event? We can handle significant onsales and can put queue functionality in place if required.

Please reach out to support if you expect to have a significant onsale.

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Own your own data

With Ticket Tailor you are the Data Controller and we are the Data Processor. That's legal GDPR speak to say that we don't touch your customer data other than to fulfil the operational requirements needed to process your ticket sales. We'll never reach out to ticket buyers to market other events or about third-parties.

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Common data and security questions

Where is your data hosted?

Ticket Tailor services and data are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in Dublin, Ireland (eu-west-1).

Do you have backups of data?

All of our infrastructure and data are spread across 2 AWS availability zones and will continue to work should any one of those data centers fail.

How do you prevent hacks and potential vulnerabilities?

We go to great lengths to ensure Ticket Tailor is a secure platform.

Biannually Ticket Tailor engages third-party security experts to perform detailed penetration tests on the Ticket Tailor application and infrastructure. Ticket Tailor also runs a ‘bug bounty’ program.

Can Ticket Tailor handle large onsales?

No ticketing platform can 100% guarantee uptime for large onsales.

That said, we have built a reliable platform that can and has handled significant volumes. It's very rarely required, but we can implement a queue system if required.

We can comfortably support events selling 10s of thousands of tickets in a single day, and do have events that sell these volumes within their first hour.

If you expect to sell over 5,000 tickets in your first hour then please notify our support team, and we will liaise with the tech team to ensure that we monitor and provide extra support to your ticket sales.

Is Ticket Tailor GDPR compliant?

GDPR introduces enhanced responsibilities on organisations operating in Europe that collect personal data.

We have taken a number of steps to comply with the GDPR. Find out more here.

Please note that you are the data controller of customer data so will need to handle your customer data in a GDPR compliant way. If you need to create your own privacy policy, find out more here.

Can I review Ticket Tailor's third party processers?

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