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5 ticketing features you don’t want to miss this winter

We unwrap the essential time-saving, money-making features on Ticket Tailor that you absolutely don't want to miss.

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December is fast approaching, and there’s no time like the present (pun intended) to make sure your winter events are not only on the radar, but set up for success. From enchanting Santa’s grottos to ice skating rinks, festive food markets and New Year’s celebrations, tickets are selling quicker than you can polish off a plate of pigs-in-blankets.

In this blog, we unwrap the essential time-saving, money-making features on Ticket Tailor that you absolutely don't want to miss. These features are the secret ingredients that will elevate your events, making sure they become truly unforgettable.

The five features at a glance:

  • Feature 1: Check-in app
  • Feature 2: Gift vouchers
  • Feature 3: Products
  • Feature 4: Reporting
  • Feature 5: Donations 

Feature 1: Check-in app

Forget the days of printing doorlists or ripping paper tickets. Our new Check-in app means you can welcome attendees with ease. 

The free Ticket Tailor Check-in app allows you to scan in all of the tickets you’ve issued on Ticket Tailor (as well as those sold on other platforms!),  whether you’re in a state-of-the-art venue, a circus tent, or even a remote field full of seasonal lights! 

6 ways the check-in app will enhance your event 

  1. Manage queues quickly, even if you’re offline
    Wherever you’re hosting your event, the check-in app can help you scan your tickets quickly and securely, across multiple entrances. It even works offline – just download your attendee list in advance and your check-in data will sync to your box office account when you’re back online! 
  2. Easily check-in members visiting your seasonal events
    The new check-in app allows you to scan in your membership QR codes in the exact same way as your tickets, so there’s no need for extra training, extra entrances or extra queues! 
  3. See your attendee data on the door
    You can now see the answers your attendees gave to their checkout form questions in the app, making operations easy, whether you’re handing out age-appropriate Grotto gifts or matching guests to their choice of welcome drink! 
  4. Scan products that have been upsold
    If you’re selling bundles which include products, you can scan them in the check-in app too, for easy inventory checking. Split your arrivals between your merch table and pre-orders, and make sure everyone gets what they’re expecting. 
  5. Get accurate attendee reports
    After your event, all of your check-in data will sync to your box office account, and be available for export. This can then be used to help you plan your next event, taking into account your accurate capacity percentages. 
  6. Easy set up and compatible with scanning hardware
    No matter how many devices you need, and whether you prefer a hand-held phone or an iPad connected to a rented scanner, your app is perfectly customisable for your next event! 

Feature 2: Gift vouchers

Earlier this year we automated gift vouchers, so you can now sell them effortlessly. Gone are the days of manually creating codes and sending them out one-by-one. 

So whether you run calligraphy workshops in London, gin distillery tours in Yorkshire, or even a comedy club in New York – gift vouchers are a great way for venues of all shapes and sizes to boost sales, grow your community and allow your biggest fans to share the magic of your events with their loved-ones.

Find out how to set up Gift vouchers in our help centre article

Feature 3: Products

Selling Products on Ticket Tailor is a simple and quick way to boost your holiday sales – your fans can either purchase your products along with their tickets, or visit your dedicated ‘Store’ to buy your Products before and after events! 

And the best bit? You can get as creative as you like - we particularly love one event organiser who is selling ‘Reindeer poo’ in the form of little chocolate drops at their winter wonderland event. You can simple add them at checkout and pick them up from the entrance.

Why sell products to your event-attendees? 

  1. It’s easier than ever. You’re no longer limited to selling things like merch, gift vouchers, and digital downloads only as upsell. This means you can sell Products all year round, whether you have a live event or not. It’s a win-win.
  2. You can drive more revenue upfront. Managing cash flow can be tricky in the lead up to events. With Ticket Tailor you’re paid instantly when tickets are sold. But imagine how much revenue you could earn by selling Products in advance too.
  3. Boost brand awareness. If your audience can purchase your Products before, during and after events, it’s likely to boost your brand awareness and brand loyalty, as fans will be able to engage with you more often.
  4. Streamline purchasing and improve everyone’s experience. Nobody wants to spend the duration of a gig standing in line at the bar, or even worse getting to the front of a stand only to find out the item they wanted has sold out. By selling Products in advance you can guarantee customer satisfaction and make sure attendees have the best possible experience. And better yet, they can now buy merchandise after the event too!
  5. Gain insights and learn more about your audience. Once you start selling Products, you’ll quickly understand which are the best-sellers, and which items aren’t as popular. This can help with stock management, particularly in the lead up to events, as you’ll have an idea of what items will sell best. You can also use these learnings to expand your range, or even discontinue Products.    

Feature 4: Reporting

Understanding your event sales data is crucial to a well-executed strategy. So we’ve launched brand-new Reporting tools to help you do just that. You can get a speedy overview of your issued ticket sales (broken down by ticket type!), as well as use powerful filters to slice-and-dice your data. And it doesn’t stop there – track selling trends over time and see how marketing, or external events, affect your sales.

Find out more about our Reporting tools.

Feature 5: Donations 

‘Tis the time for giving. Did you know that you can accept donations for your event, charity or organisation on top of your ticket prices? It’s super simple to set-up and helps raise extra funds to support important causes.

In 2023 so far, the donations feature on Ticket Tailor has helped event organisers raise over £3.23 million. That's an impressive 19.6% increase compared with 2022. How awesome is that? 

To wrap up,  these five features will help you make the most out of your winter events. From seamless entry, thanks to the free Check-in app, to the effortless spread of joy (and revenue boosting) with Gift Vouchers and Products, Reporting unveils event insights, and the Donations feature adds a heartwarming touch, making your events not just memorable but impactful. Armed with these features, you can really make the most of this magical season.

Need a hand setting up any of these features? Start by visiting our help centre, or send us a message on our website chat and we’ll be happy to help.

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