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9 ticketing features you might not be using… but probably should be!

We’ve listed out 9 game-changing hacks and features that can help you to cut down on the admin, boost your profits, and generally ace your events.

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When you sell event tickets online using a platform like Ticket Tailor, you open yourself up to a whole host of time-saving tech that can seriously improve your attendees’ experience. 

And that’s the thing – ticketing is about so much more than basic event registration. Thanks to the plethora of online ticketing features available today, your ticketing strategy can be used to enhance your events, boost sales, mitigate logistical challenges and a whole lot more. 

Below, we’ve listed out 9 game-changing hacks and features that can help you to cut down on the admin, boost your profits, and generally ace your events. Read on to find out about:

  1. Waitlists
  2. Duplicate events
  3. Discount codes
  4. Zapier integrations
  5. Recurring events & timeslots
  6. Check-in app
  7. Donations
  8. Seating charts
  9. PayPal Pay Later

Let’s get stuck in👇. 

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Sometimes you just don’t know how popular an event is going to be until your tickets officially go on sale. Waitlists are a great way to help manage things in this respect, as they give those who missed out a chance to put themselves in the queue if more tickets do become available. 

This is great news for you if you get cancellations or simply decide to release more tickets at a later date – as you’ve got ticket buyers lined up and waiting to make their purchase. Nice. 

Find out how to set up waitlists with Ticket Tailor >

Duplicate events

Running an event that’s pretty much the same as one you’ve done in the past? No need to create a brand new box office page – simply duplicate your last event and edit accordingly with this handy Ticket Tailor feature:

Find out how to duplicate events on Ticket Tailor >

Discount codes

Providing discount codes to certain people can be a great promotional tool. You might choose to offer a discount to students or those in certain professions, for example. Offering discounts to existing members of your events community can also be a really effective way to reward loyalty – helping to boost ticket sales in the long-run.

Find out how to use discount codes with Ticket Tailor >

Zapier integrations

Zapier is a brilliant, time-saving tool that can seriously cut down all those hours spent on admin as an event creator. It integrates with over 400 apps and tools, meaning you can automate tons of mundane tasks – for example, putting together mailing lists, transferring ticket sales details to a Google spreadsheet, and tracking your Facebook ads.

Find out how to use Zapier with Ticket Tailor >

Tip: For more ideas about how to use tech to save time, check out our article on how to use AI to ace your event planning.

Recurring events & time slots

Recurring events are a godsend for anyone who runs classes, workshops, pub quizzes, or basically any other type of regular event. Whether your events happen multiple times a week, weekly or monthly, you’ll save a whole lot of time by using this handy feature. 

This feature also has you covered if you run events on a time slot basis – so, if you sell tickets by the hour at your attraction, or something like that. 

Find out out about running recurring events & time slots with Ticket Tailor >

Check-in app

We’ve just launched a new and improved version of our check-in app, which makes it super easy to check in attendees by scanning their tickets, searching for personal details, or selecting from a door list on your chosen device. It’s packed with tons of other great, time-saving features too, like the ability to automatically synchronise check-ins across multiple devices at once to speed up door entry. You can also use the app both online and offline in case you have poor connection at your event (very handy for those mid-field festivals!).

Find out about the Ticket Tailor check-in app >


You don’t need to run full-blown charity events to raise money for a good cause. Offering your ticket buyers the chance to donate at the point of sale can be a really effective, low-maintenance way to turn your events into a force for good. 

This feature is also handy if you want to give attendees the chance to donate to the cost of running your actual event. This might be because you’re not profit focused, and know some attendees will be able to afford to contribute more than others, for example.

Find out about Ticket Tailor’s donations feature >

Seating charts

If you’ve got a seated event with more than around 50 people, it’s a really wise move to use a seating chart at the point of ticket sale. This allows attendees to purchase a ticket assigned to a specific seat, which means there’s way less confusion on the day of the event. 

Good news is, with Ticket Tailor, they’re super easy to set-up and use. 

Check out Ticket Tailor’s seating chart tutorial > 

PayPal Pay Later

Buy-now-pay-later schemes have soared in popularity since the introduction of platforms like Klarna and ClearPay. Now, PayPal’s gotten in on the action with its own version – aptly called PayPal Pay Later. 

These simple credit schemes allow people to make purchases and either pay later (usually within a month) or split the cost over several payments. And the thing is, the more we get used to having this option, the more we come to expect it – so it could be a great move for you, as an event creator, to stay abreast of what’s current by offering it to your attendees.

Find out about using PayPal Pay Later with Ticket Tailor >

And that’s a wrap! We hope this has been useful – watch this space for more time and money-saving tips for event creators 💪. 

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