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Event ideas that we loved from Chinese New Year 2024 (and that will inspire you for 2025)

If you’ve already got your sights set on Chinese New Year 2025 – find all the inspiration you need from this round-up of awesome 2024 celebrations.

Chinese Dragon Light

Chinese New Year is a time to banish evil spirits, worship ancestors, welcome new beginnings and – of course – feast with family and friends. So infectious are the vibrant colours, costumes, and legends associated with this cultural celebration, that people all across the globe join in with their own take on Chinese (or Lunar) New Year.

This year has been no different; here at Ticket Tailor, we’ve seen a host of amazing celebrations taking place – from the ultra-elegant to the educational, creative and family-friendly. 

If you’ve already got your sights set on Chinese New Year 2025 – find all the inspiration you need from this round-up of awesome 2024 celebrations 💫 🐉 👇.

Educational & immersive walking tour of London’s Chinatown

We loved the attention to detail woven into this Lunar New Year edition of a Chinatown walking tour. Combining the knowledge of ‘trained History Champions’ with delicious Chinese food, and stories ‘you won’t hear anywhere else’ – this wasn’t just any old tour. 

Run by Chinatown Stories, the Chinese New Year edition of this tour promised two and a half hours of fascinating, immersive storytelling and education. And all set against the bustling backdrop of London’s iconic Chinatown at one of its busiest, most exciting times of year. 

💫 What we loved about this event

  • We loved the emphasis on this tour being thoroughly researched and unique, with promises of never-heard-before stories told by people who are truly passionate about this topic.
  • It’s fantastic to see that this event creator donates a portion of every ticket sale to three Chinatown charities that support the neighbourhood.
  • A 10% discount was given to those who make group bookings of five tickets or more – nice!
  • China Stories also sells gift vouchers – we know we’d love to get one of their walking tours events as a prezzie!
  • These guys run year-round tours, putting on an incredible range of events including this awesome Lantern Festival and this super cool Flash Dance workshop

Epic KPop and KHiphop club night in London

China town street lanterns in London

To celebrate this Lunar New Year, OfficalKEvents – the largest organiser of KPop and KHiphop events in the world – put on an epic club night in London’s iconic Fire venue. The event saw no less than four rooms come to life with the best of KPop and KHiphop music. And there was an outdoor area too, where nighttime revellers could take a break from dancing to try some delicious Korean food. 

💫 What we loved about this event

  • We thought OfficialKEvents’ ticketing strategy for this club night was really smart. They used a phased approach to release tickets that became gradually more expensive, with earlybird, first, second, third and final releases, as well as tickets on the door. They also offered two different VIP packages for attendees who wanted to take their experience to the next level. The event was a rip-roaring success, providing a great example of how a diverse ticketing strategy can help increase the appeal of an event and reach a wider audience.

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  • We liked that this event was given a more dynamic feel with the incorporation of authentic Korean food as well as the usual club night must-haves. Stopping to fuel up with a delicious Korean snack before hitting the dance floor again? Yes please!

Red Chinese Lanterns

A fun adventure in nature for little ones in Falkirk

We loved this Chinese New Year themed Stay & Play session for two to five year olds. The event saw families bring their little ones along (for free!) to a beautiful nature spot in Falkirk, Scotland, where they could enjoy an immersive afternoon exploring in the outdoors. Children were told a familiar story about a dragon before heading down a trail to take part in lantern making. They could then hang their lantern on their favourite tree 💚.

💫 What we loved about this event

  • We loved that this event was totally free to attend, giving families the chance to get out and enjoy the outdoors and fun creative activities, for zero cost.
  • We thought the event registration set-up was really logical – only kids’ needed to be registered via a booking form, rather than both kids and their accompanying adult/s. Simple!
  • The range of Chinese New Year themed activities on offer sounded really fun and immersive – from firework tarp painting to lantern making.

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An immersive, cultural gala experience in Montreal

We loved the sound of The Dragon Ball Gala – a family-friendly, unforgettable evening that allowed attendees to bring in the Year of the Dragon in elegant style. Not just any old gala, this event promised “an immersive cultural experience that unites friends, families, and communities in the vibrant traditions of Chinese New Year”. 

💫 What we loved about this event

  • We thought the ticketing strategy for this event made a lot of sense – attendees could choose to buy individual tickets, discounted children’s tickets, or a ‘full table’ of tickets (10 seats) with a 10% discount.
  • We loved the emphasis on making this event fully family friendly – all ages were welcome, and there were plenty of things for both kids and adults to enjoy.
  • The itinerary and highlights for the event sounded pretty epic – spanning from cocktails and appetisers through to a three course meal, a ‘sweet and salty table’ of snacks, live entertainment and raffles with awesome prizes. Nice!
  • We noted that the event creators used our booking form feature to gather dietary requirements and preferences for each attendee ahead of the event – smart move.

Tip: Find out everything you need to know about making the most of your event registration forms.

Chinese cat money pot waving

A simple Chinese New Year themed fundraiser in Godstone

We loved how simple but effective this school fundraiser was, designed to raise money for their Year 5 and Year 6 trip to China. Parents of the children attending the trip each donated something to go in the hamper – with all treats having a Chinese New Year theme. Entrants just needed to pay £1 to be in with a chance of winning.

💫What we loved about this event

  • We thought it was a nice touch to include hidden envelopes of cash in the hampers alongside the goodies – to make the prizes extra tempting!
  • We loved how the school embraced a Chinese New Year theme to make the fundraiser relevant to their trip to China.

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That’s a wrap! We hope these Chinese New Year events have got you feeling inspired; all the better for hosting your own brilliant celebrations next year – the Year of the Snake! 🐍

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