Event website design inspiration – 7 bold & beautiful examples

Flea Market Template.png

Giving your event its very own home online is a great move. By building a beautiful website for it, you create a space to not only host essential information, but to craft an authentic story around your brand. 

A key part of this will be deciding on what direction the aesthetic, structure, and feel of your site are going to take. The good news is, you don’t need to be a web designer to achieve slick and professional results, thanks to the plethora of pre-designed themes available.

Things to think about with event website design

It’s true that no two events are the same, but all event websites should have:

  • Striking photography that helps build anticipation around the event

  • Clear navigation so users can quickly and easily find the information they’re looking for

  • Prominently displayed calls to action to buy tickets (plus for other stuff like subscribing to mailing lists)

To help you get inspired, we thought it’d be useful to curate a list of our favourite event design templates currently available.

We think all of these examples are striking, intuitive, and full of personality.

Whether you choose to go with one of the below templates directly, or simply to let the examples get your creative juices flowing, is up to you. Let’s go.

Emoji Nation 

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Emoji Nation.png

We love the bold colours, edgy typeface and intuitive layout of this WordPress event website template. It’s perfect for music events and festivals, but we reckon it could also work really well for quirky conferences or characterful workshops. You’d just need to choose some great photography to suit your event. We have an article on cool free stock image sites, which might be useful.


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Copy of Designer Conference Template (2).png

This striking Squarespace theme finds impact in its brave simplicity – but there’s nothing understated about the choice of oversized black font meets block-color background. It’s amazing how these seemingly pared-back design principles can result in such a loud, vibrant aesthetic (which definitely screams ‘cutting-edge design conference’).

Flea Market

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Flea Market Template.png

The pretty hues and sweet design features of this Wix theme would work just as well for a vintage market as an afternoon tea event or craft workshop. When you explore the live demo you’ll see plenty of quirky patterns and interesting colour choices – all the better for imbuing tons of character into your offbeat event.


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Emoji Nation (2).png

Classic font and tranquil imagery make this clean-cut WordPress theme perfect for retreats – or any events in the health and wellbeing sector, really. When you explore the demo you’ll see lots of cool animation that add to the design’s sleek, professional feel. Plus plenty of clean line-drawing icons, which keep things feeling simple and wholesome.


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Emoji Nation (1).png

This design is geared up for any kind of charity/fundraiser event, and proves how emotive imagery can be used to drive messaging while text is kept to a minimum. We love how the template uses contrast-colour panelling throughout the homepage, making for a seamless user experience.

DJO Nightclub 

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Event themes (2).png

There’s no doubt that this theme reflects the electric atmosphere of a nightclub or music event, with its eye-catching neon tones and evocative imagery. Explore the demo to see how retro-feeling icons bring the website to life. We think its dark and moody colour scheme alludes to late nights and epic experiences.

Twilight Events

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Event themes (3).png

This understated Wix theme uses washed-out photography and a gold-hued colour scheme to create a chic, inspirational tone. Perfect for event planners in the private or corporate party industries, we love how this theme leaves plenty of space for atmospheric photography – all set against a crisp white background for maximum impact.

And there you have it – we hope this article has left you feeling inspired. To learn more about creating a great website for your event, check out our guide.

You might also find our information on how to sell tickets from Squarespace useful.