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Inspiration to help you make beautiful event pages on Ticket Tailor

We’ve compiled a range of eye-catching, professional-looking designs that can be easily copied across to your Ticket Tailor box office page.

web page design with a ferris wheel with lights

Someone’s experience of your event starts long before they walk through its doors (or logs on to it, for that matter). Grabbing customers’ – and potential customers’ – attention is all about how you communicate with them in the run-up. 

A major part of this is the online events page you set up, and in particular its aesthetic. What your box office page looks like has the power to entice customers, as well as to communicate with them what sort of atmosphere they can expect from your event. Your colour scheme should reflect your event’s general vibe, while any imagery you use needs to be strong and immediately evocative of the tone and theme of your class/gig/workshop/conference.

At Ticket Tailor, we’re determined to help make sure your event ticketing works on every level – including the way things look. That’s why we’ve compiled a range of eye-catching, professional-looking designs that can be easily copied across to your Ticket Tailor box office page.

Here are our some of our favourites:

LA Escape

Sky-scraping palm trees and aquamarine tones are set to inspire those holiday-feels with this travel event page design. Just one look at that endless blue sky is enough to get us planning our next trip, that’s for sure. The perfect aesthetic for sunny getaway events and glam festivals abroad.

web page design with a palm trees

See a demo of this design >

TT Food Course

Laid-back beige and tropical pineapple imagery gives this food event design a modern, playful feel. Whether you’re running a cocktail-making course or running a food-tasting soiree, this look is bound to get your attendees in the mood. 

web page design with pine apples

See a demo of this design >

TT Comedy Night

What better way to represent the raucous atmosphere of a comedy gig than with a crisp, semi-silhouetted mic against a bold backdrop of colour? Personality abounds in this fun design, which uses purple and orange tones to convey personality without coming across as garish or tacky.

web page design with a microphone on a stand

See a demo of this design >

TT Workshop

Brave simplicity gives this design serious impact. We think it's sunny yellow backdrop induces feelings of creativity, while the pared-back pencil imagery sparks the imagination. The perfect combo for a workshop event.

web page design with two pencils on a yellow background

See a demo of this design >

TTRonic Sessions #2

What does laser lighting paired with a moody black background instantly convey? A simmering, sought-after nightclub event, that’s what. Excite your customers with this atmospheric design, which is bound to land them straight in the ‘going-out-out’ mood. 

web page design with lights in the dark

See a demo of this design >


Earthy tones give a peaceful and relaxed feel to this event theme. It works great for workshops, meditations or yoga classes. Set the vibe from the moment your customers see your event page!

web page design with flowers on a wooden table

See a demo of this design >

TT Digi Conf 2030

A bold yellow warehouse wall instantly conjures images of creative conferences filled with trendy digital experts and forward-thinking agencies. That’s why we love this simple but effective design – the perfect background for your digital conference event.

web page design with walking person by the yellow building

See a demo of this design >

TT Online Special 

This design is all clean lines and light. We love the image, which uses simple props to instantly convey the world of online – a tablet, cup of tea and house plant allude to attending an event from the comfort of your own home office. 

web page design with a mobile phone and cup with drink on the table

See a demo of this design >

Yoga Out East #2

In this gorgeous theme, dappled sunlight dances on a glassy, aquamarine ocean surface, creating the ultimate feeling of zen. A turquoise and off-white background allude to dreamy, beachy locations and cool, calm and collected attitudes. The perfect design for blissful yoga retreats.

web page design with water

See a demo of this design >

Festival of Fun #3

Washed out pastel blues and pinks conjure images of beautiful summer sunsets in this offbeat festival event design. The lit-up ferris wheel imagery could remind users of both child-friendly events and those precious music festival memories. 

web page design with a ferris wheel with lights

See a demo of this design >

How to create events tickets with our designs

Our designs are there to inspire you – meaning you can take as many or few elements as you want from them. If you like the colour scheme of a certain design but would prefer a different image, for example, you could simply copy over the colours we’ve used and search for your own image that blends in well with these (and vice versa). 

  1. Go to settings in your Ticket Tailor Dashboard
  2. Choose Event Page Design to load the Design Studio
  3. Choose Custom and then use the colour codes and imagery from our suggested designs to alter the look of your page

Read more about customising your box office >

Find free stock images for your event >

There’s a reason the saying ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ exists – because people do! While looks certainly aren’t everything, first impressions do count, so make sure you get yours right with a stylish, evocative design for your box office page. You can thank us later.  

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