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Ticket Tailor demo events

We’ve pulled together this repository of demo events to highlight a range of different types of events and features that Ticket Tailor can support with.

a crowd of people in front of a stage

We often get asked by event creators who are looking to use Ticket Tailor whether they can see the product in action from the ticket buyers point of view. To help out we’ve pulled together this repository of demo events to highlight a range of different types of events and features that Ticket Tailor can support with. The list is not exhaustive but should give a good sense of what your customers can expect to see.

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Demo events

A music festival demo

Music festivals are best set up as one large event with various ticket groups and types to manage the different days and prices of the event. This means you have one URL to share with ticket buyers and they can easily select any ticket they like. Embedding the widget (as below) allows you to sell tickets directly through your own website.

See music festival demo >

a crowd of people in front of a stage

A petting farm demo

Parks and farms are increasingly turning to online ticketing to manage capacity, time-slots and day passes. We have invested significant time and effort into ensuring that it’s simple to create, manage and edit multiple occurrences - whilst providing flexibility to sell multiple ticket types and add-ons.

In addition, this demo shows a flexible way of selling group tickets by setting a minimum order size on lower price tickets. This works better than a fixed group size as it allows for different sized groups.

You can also manage peak/off-peak times by changing capacity and pricing for different days or times. This is all enabled via our super-intuitive overrides features.

See Ticket Tailor farm demo >

A gala dinner demo

Using table layouts for an event is a great way of driving demand for seats, and reducing the hassle of having to manage seating layouts yourself. Ticket Tailor makes it easy to create beautiful and simple layouts that put you in total control of the ticket buying experience.

See gala dinner demo >

a screen shot of a gala dinner demo

An art gallery demo

Managing capacity and time slots is simple and secure with Ticket Tailor. Art galleries, museums and exhibitions can keep total control of their buying experience and capacity with our recurring events feature.

See art gallery demo >

a screen shot of an art gallery demo

A theme park demo

Theme parks are a great example of a recurring event that is almost identical for months on end. This demo shows how you can incorporate recurring events into your box office.

See theme park demo >

a screen shot of a theme park demo

A yoga class demo

If you have different classes taking place over different times and sessions it can get complicated but using our listings page in conjunction with recurring events we make it easy for you and your ticket buyers to find the right class. You can also show the quantity of slots remaining in each class to give an idea of demand and if places are running out.

PS - Check out the gif on the box office header. It’s a great way to bring your page to life.

See yoga class demo >

a screen shot of a yoga class demo

A comedy gig demo

Selling tickets for a venue with a seating plan can be an expensive and complicated process - with Ticket Tailor we make it simple and low cost. This demo shows you a simple seating chart and how ticket buyers can not only select a specific seat, but can also then choose from a range of ticket prices. You can also ensure that orphan seats are not left - meaning efficient use of your available seats.

See comedy night demo >

a screen shot of a comedy gig demo

A private dinner party

Sometimes you won’t want the general public to see the details of your event - particularly if just close friends or work colleagues are invited. With our private event features, you can hide the details of the event behind a password and only let those in the know book a ticket.

This demo also shows how it’s easy to collect donations on Ticket Tailor - you can include a suggested amount (if you want) and you can also add a description of who the donation is going to.

Demo password: PRIVATEEVENT

See private dinner party demo >

a screen shot of a private dinner party event demo

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