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Ticket Tailor launches with Tixel: ethical ticketing from the first to the last ticket sold

We’re always looking for new ways to make ticketing more fair for everyone involved. It’s one of the main reasons our pricing is so low compared to others in the industry.

Ticket buyers and event organisers have often ended up with the short straw when it comes to the world of ticketing. Whether it’s exceedingly high fees or ticket scammers - the people who make events happen are left short-changed - while the big ticket companies (naming no names) walk away with exceedingly high profits and an unfair share of the pie.

Well, we’ve never thought that was quite right, and we’re always looking for new ways to make ticketing more fair for everyone involved. It’s one of the main reasons our pricing is so low compared to others in the industry. It’s also why we love the platform that Tixel has built. Their ambition is to make the resale of tickets as safe and secure as possible.

The secondary ticketing market is particularly prone to fraud and scammers. Fake tickets, price gouging and no-shows leave ticket buyers and event organisers thoroughly short-changed by this part of the ticketing landscape.

Introducing Tixel: the ethical way to resell tickets

Tixel allows ticket buyers to securely sell and buy their tickets, while giving event organisers total control over how tickets to their event are resold. And their stats show that 90% of tickets sell in just 4 days, impressive.

Our integration with Tixel uses our API to validate the ticket, cancel the initial ticket and resend the new one - meaning that any Ticket Tailor ticket sold on the Tixel marketplace will be 100% secure and will make sure that the buyer receives a valid ticket, every time. 

Event organisers can also limit the resale price of tickets to ensure that ticket scalps cannot charge unfair prices for sold-out events.

It doesn’t end there. Tixel comes with a bucket load of other cool features that help increase the revenue of an event, and make sure that the maximum amount of tickets are sold. For example, potential customers can pre-authorize their credit cards for when new tickets are released. Meaning that as an event organiser, you can tell how much money you can instantly make by releasing new tickets. 

Plus, like us, Tixel believes that data belongs to the event organiser. So with Ticket Tailor and Tixel you’ll actually know who is walking through the door to your events.

Ticket Tailor plus Tixel: a powerful combination for festivals and events around the world

As Ticket Tailor grows and a wider number of event organisers use the platform, it’s important that we use integrations to unlock the latest ticketing and event technology for our users. This year over 16,000 event organisers, from 180 countries, will host events on our platform, and many of those will sell out. Tixel will be a powerful tool for many of them. Not only in offering secure resale, helping to protect event organisers and ticket buyers, but also by providing the flexibility that ticket-buyers crave. In fact, 82% of ticket-buyers are more likely to purchase if they know there’s an opportunity to resell at a later date! 

George Follett, Ticket Tailor’s Commercial Director explains why he’s excited about this new integration:

We’ve watched the rise of Tixel over the last few years and have always felt an affinity between what they are trying to achieve in the ticketing world and what we believe we offer at Ticket Tailor. Bringing together our platforms, we believe offers a truly ethical solution for festivals and events who are looking to disrupt the status quo of excessive booking fees, fake tickets and price gouging. We can’t wait to see this integration having an impact on ticket buyers and event organisers. – George Follet, Ticket Tailor Commercial Director

With Ticket Tailor’s global reach, we’re hoping that this integration will open up a new set of events who can benefit from Tixel’s product.

Zac Leigh, co-founder and chief executive of Tixel, added:

We love the ethos of Ticket Tailor. The team has really embraced and adapted to the behaviours of today’s ticket buyer and changing market conditions to bring about the best possible outcomes for their event organiser customers. Keeping fees low is great for organisers and fans alike and it aligns so nicely with Tixel’s mission to get more people to the events they love. – Zac Leigh, Co-founder and Chief Executive of Tixel

Get live with Tixel and Ticket Tailor in minutes

The Tixel integration can be live in a matter of minutes and is accessible directly from your Ticket Tailor dashboard. Simply login to your Ticket Tailor account, head to ‘Connected Apps’ and follow the easy instructions.

You can find more details on how it works here. If you have any questions about Tixel you can contact the team here.

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