Information for ticket buyers

Last updated 13th February 2020

Ticket Tailor is an online software service that lets event organisers sell tickets directly to their audience.

If you have any questions about an event, a ticket purchase, refunds, data privacy or terms and conditions please contact the seller directly. You should find a contact link at the bottom of the ticket booking form. You may also find contact details for them in the same place you found the original link to buy tickets for their event (e.g. their website, Facebook page, or Twitter account).

Ticket Tailor is a “self-service” platform where ticket sellers manage their own event listings, tickets and customer orders entirely. When you purchase a ticket you are buying your ticket directly from the ticket seller and your commercial agreement is entirely with them. Ticket Tailor does not manage or control any of the listings or events on our website and beyond providing the software services to sell and issue tickets online we do not have any affiliation with the ticket seller, venue or event.

If you wish to report misuse of the system or you suspect a fraudulent event listing please send the details to and include a link to the event.

If you wish to sell tickets online for your own event then take a look at our homepage to learn more about all the features we offer.