Showcase: How UX People Sell Tickets Online

What's the event?

Type of Events

The UX People conference is the creation of Zebra People; Britain’s first ever recruitment consultancy to focus specifically on user experience resourcing solutions. They expect all delegates to come away from their annual conference having gained practical knowledge from the most creative and inspiring speakers and projects from around the country.

How Ticket Tailor transformed their ticket selling:

Colossal Savings & Website Integration

The cost of putting on large conferences like UX People events are often high - therefore ticket prices often reflect this. With most ticketing system providers, the higher the cost of tickets, the larger cut they'll take. Not Ticket Tailor. However expensive the tickets for UX People were, Zebra People (the organisers) only paid one low price - just like all Ticket Tailor customers.

Zebra People also took advantage of the website integration offered by Ticket Tailor. This meant their customers bought tickets from a box office which looked exactly like their website.

Customisation of Confirmation Messages

All customers who successfully purchase a ticket from a Ticket Tailor box office receive a fully customisable message and an instant e-ticket via email. Zebra People, as with many conference organisers, found this feature useful as extra information was able to be sent automatically to each delegate.

Ticket Functionality: Early Bird Tickets

With Ticket Tailor, you are able to set different ticket categories which is useful when  selling different types of tickets. Zebra People utilised this feature to sell early bird tickets and student tickets  in addition to regular tickets. This allowed the tickets to be instantly located and organised, all with up to the minute information.

What do they think of their new system?

"We used Ticket Tailor to sell the tickets for our UX People Conference in November 2011. It proved to be excellent in keeping track of our online orders, totally flexible and very easy to use. We basically didn’t need to worry about tickets at all, Ticket Tailor managed it all for us saving a great amount of time! It was exactly what we needed for managing our online ticket sales. We would not hesitate to recommend Ticket Tailor."

The Zebra People Team


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