Selling tickets for Covid secure events

We do not know exactly how the Covid-19 lockdown easements will play out, and it will be different in every country. We will be paying close attention and responding as quickly as we can to ensure you can get your events back and up and running as soon as possible. We are already starting to get a good idea of what might come:

  • Social distancing is likely to continue for a while,

  • Events are likely to have strict capacity controls, and

  • There may be regulatory requirements to exchange information, e.g. maybe you will need to notify users to wear a mask, or perhaps you will need to collect a piece of information from a contact tracing app.

Here are the features we have already built, or are working on right now to support you and ensure you can run your events in a Covid secure way:

Distance ScanKeep your door staff safe

When events start back up, we imagine that capacity management will be strict, and therefore you will need someone on the door checking tickets and keeping a tally of who is inside. Our check-in app is perfect for this, but, it requires someone on the door scanning everyone’s tickets as they arrive. To keep them out of harms way at a safe social distance we are launching Distance Scan. This allows you to connect an external barcode scanner via bluetooth, and the door staff can maintain a safe distance whilst checking that every ticket is valid.

How to manage entry to an event during lockdown easements

How to manage entry to an event during lockdown easements

Distance Scan is available on the Taxotix Android app already, and will be available on iOs as soon as it gets through the Apple approval process.

Capacity ManagementComply with legal capacity restrictions

Selling or issuing tickets prior to an event or gathering of any kind during lockdown easements will be an easy way to ensure that you are complying with legal capacity restrictions. Our capacity management features allow you to set a maximum capacity on each ticket type, and you can optionally show the quantity remaining to your ticket buyers when they are registering.

If you have different types of tickets for an event (e.g. Adult, Child, VIP), you can create a ticket group and set a capacity across the group of ticket types. Here’s how it might look:



You can also use ticket groups or ticket types to sell tickets to different zones of an event if, for example, this is required to maintain social distancing regulations.

Learn how to use ticket types and groups, and how to set a maximum capacity.

Information ExchangeComply with potential legal requirements

It could be that events are allowed to take place but you, as the event organiser, have to enforce mask wearing, or social distancing at the event. Ticket Tailor allows you to set up a checkbox to ensure everyone who registers agrees to this as the terms of attending the event. It might be that you also need to collect an identifier from a contact tracing app, which can also be collected at the point of registration. Here’s how that may look:

How to collect data from attendees

How to collect data from attendees

Learn how to edit a checkout form here.

These are just a few examples of how we can help and we will be keeping a close ear to the ground to ensure we can support you as best as we can whatever happens during the lockdown easement processes.