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5 super easy Valentine's fundraising ideas

We’ve rounded up 5 easy fundraising ideas you can try out this Valentine's season

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Why should I host a Valentine’s Day fundraising event? 

Fundraising for your charity or community group can be really effective when your events are fun and familiar to your audience. 

When love is in the air, people are on the lookout for novel presents or activities to do with their partners, so Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to experiment with different ways to raise money for your charity or club. 

Linking your charitable events and activities to an existing celebration is a great way to drive interest, raise money, and raise awareness. 

We’ve rounded up 5 easy fundraising ideas you can try out this Valentine's season:

1.  Host a Valentine’s Day dinner

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get dressed up and treat yourself to a delicious dinner with your spouse.  Partnering with a local restaurant and selling tickets that include a percentage share for your charity can be a great way to raise money for your cause, and to raise awareness for your cause. 

With so much Valentine’s Day choice, the ‘feel-good’ factor of supporting a charity can help make the decision on where to eat easier for hungry couples.

2. Send a couples hamper 

For those couples who enjoy home comforts, staying in can be the new going out, even when they want to celebrate. Making nights-in more special has boomed a whole industry of delivery activities! 

Charities can raise lots of money by creating hampers and gifts themselves. Think: 

  • Traditional: bouquets, chocolates and prosecco 
  • Biscuit icing kits 
  • Bath and pamper items 

You can always relate the theme to your cause too, for example creating treat boxes for pets if you’re fundraising for an animal charity. 

This is a really cute way to generate Valentine's funds. 

a bag and a bouquet of flowers

3. Host a couples class 

February can be the month when couples try something new. Maybe you can schedule a drink and draw session for couples, or a ‘couples cooking class’. 

Dance events are also popular, as they create an excuse to get close and personal to your significant other. 

You might also be able to attract new members to your recurring workshops, or put on a series of classes throughout the month. 

4. Celebrate the singles 

Another popular way to raise funds over Valentine’s period is to host an event for single people. 

Pamper sessions can be really popular, giving people the chance to love themselves. Scheduling manicures or pedicures can be a great way to raise awareness for your charity, as you get the chance to chat about your cause and initiatives over a quick polish. 

‘Galentine's’ parties are also really popular - and don’t forget to add a branded selfie spot so you get some free social media marketing from the event!  

5. Host a speed dating evening

Those looking for love might be willing to attend a speed date for charity.

As well as in person, a speed dating event could also be facilitated online, and selling tickets, it’s a super easy and low-cost way to raise some money, whilst (hopefully) helping people make some romantic connections! 

Whatever fundraising events you choose to run, we’re sure your good causes will get a lot of love.

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