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7 inspiring and ultra-autumnal fundraising ideas for Fall 2022

Whether you’re a PTA looking for fundraiser ideas for schools, or are simply keen to raise money for a charity that’s close to your heart, we’ve got you covered.

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Autumn, or Fall for US folk, has to be one of the most inspiring seasons of them all and, even though it signals a shift towards the end of the year, it’s also a time of fresh starts and renewal. Kids return to school, another summer season is over, and there’s all the excitement of winter festivities to look forward to. 

With so much inspiration to draw on 🍁, there are tons of things you can do to gather people together and raise money for a good cause. After all, this is a season typically associated with giving. 

Whether you’re a PTA looking for fundraiser ideas for schools, or are simply keen to raise money for a charity that’s close to your heart, we’ve got you covered. 

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It’s worth noting, too, that you don’t have to be a charity or run official fundraisers to raise money from your events! With Ticket Tailor’s charity feature enabled, you give ticket buyers the chance to add an optional donation of any value to your chosen cause when making their purchase. 

Over 22.5% of events selling through Ticket Tailor this year had this featured enabled – nice!

Autumnal fundraising ideas for Fall ‘22

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Local fall festival

Festivals are often associated with summer… but, let’s be honest, fall provides more inspirational festival fodder than you can shake a pumpkin spiced latte at! 

We’re thinking – a local park or field strewn with hay bales and pumpkins, a live band, pumpkin carving, mulled wine and plenty of local craft beer. Not forgetting an array of delicious food – from sizzling sausages and steaming bowls of chili, through to toffee apples and toasted marshmallows. The more you can offer in terms of food and drink, the more likely you’ll be to sell tickets to families looking for a fun day out.

You could include a charitable donation in the cost of tickets, or just aim to raise money for charity through various activities at your festival.

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Community pumpkin carving competition

Carving knives at the ready! Why not give one of the funnest activities of the season a competitive (and charitable) edge by getting the community together for an epic pumpkin carving competition? 

You could charge a fee for entry and also set up a donation spot at the event for fundraising. 

Make things even more interesting by giving competitors a pumpkin carving brief to work towards – say, famous movie characters, or exotic animals.

Of course, as this is a competition, there’ll definitely need to be a prize involved! How about free tickets to another of your fall events? Or a tasty hamper of autumnal food and drinks?

Bonfire night 

Hosting a bonfire night gives ample opportunity to raise money for charity. If you normally host bonfire nights anyway, you can easily set it up so that people can add a donation to their ticket using Ticket Tailor.

Or you could incorporate some fun fundraising activities at your event, like a raffle with festive treats as prizes, or a ‘guess the weight’ competition for the biggest pumpkin you can find!

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To boost the money you raise even further, why not offer a set of exclusive, more expensive tickets for people who want to secure a prime viewing spot? Just make sure customers know that the extra money is going to charity!

Top tip: if you’ve got a few festive fundraisers in the pipeline, you might find this article useful: 

Autumnal wreath workshop

Wreath making is definitely not just for Christmas. These days, it’s just as trendy to decorate homes with beautiful autumnal wreaths, featuring an array of burnished oranges, browns and jewel tones to reflect the natural colours of the season. 

Gathering people together for a wreath-making workshop can be a great way to celebrate all things fall while raising money for a good cause. Include prosecco and nibbles for an added touch of indulgence. 

Space Week Stargazing

World Space Week 2022 runs from the 4th - 10th of October, providing the perfect opportunity to create an autumnal fundraising event with a bit of a twist. Gather the community at a natural spot with little light pollution, and get an astronomy expert onboard to give a talk as you examine the beautiful night sky. Be sure to provide plenty of warm drinks and some tasty street food to make an evening of it. 

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Thanksgiving bake-off

It’s bake off season! In other words: the Great British Bake Off has hit screens again once more, spreading baking fever around the world.

Of course, Thanksgiving provides the perfect inspiration for a festive fall bake-off – with all of its sumptuous sweet treats and mouth-watering pies!

Gather baking enthusiasts together to host your very own cooking competition, and charge a fee for entry to raise money for your chosen charity. Don’t forget you’ll need a panel of judges, too. Enlisting the help of a local church group or organisation like the Women’s Institute could be a good shout here.

Kids’ spooky Halloween trail 

If you’re looking for fall fundraiser ideas for school, a spooky Halloween-themed treasure hunt could be just the ticket. All you need to do is put up plenty of atmospheric decorations, and create a trail of clues that take kids on an adventure around the school grounds. 

Come up with a fun story to make things even more exciting for little ones. For example: Pete the Pumpkin’s gone missing and his friend Stacy Scarecrow needs help from as many little detectives as possible if she’s to have any hope of finding him!

Have our fall fundraising ideas got you feeling inspired? Head straight to our charity event ticketing page to find out more about selling tickets for fundraisers with Ticket Tailor.

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