Ticket Tailor now free for online events for the rest of 2020

In March 2020, as the impact of the pandemic took hold on the events industry we wanted to do everything we could to support event creators around the world who were facing unimaginable challenges. Our first response was to make online events free - we felt that this was a tangible way to ensure that as much money as possible ended up with event organisers.

We hoped for a brief blip and a bounce back to our normal lives and events, but it quickly became clear that normal would have to wait - so we decided to extend the offer until 1st September. Since then we’ve seen really encouraging growth of certain in-person events - particularly outdoor events and smaller gatherings.

However, our recent survey of 500 event organisers confirmed that the in-person portion of our industry is still a long way from returning to full pace. Given this, we want to honour our commitment of supporting event organisers through the most challenging times of this crisis and will now extend our offer of being free for online events until 31st December 2020.

This means that any online, virtual or streamed event taking place on or before the 31st December 2020 will incur no Ticket Tailor fees. Payment processing fees will still apply.


What has been the impact so far?

Here are some key stats on our free for online offer so far:

  • Over £120k ($156k) of Ticket Tailor fees waived

  • Over 600k tickets sold for online events

  • £6m ($7.8m) of ticket revenue earned by event organisers

  • More than 2,000 event organisers benefitting from the offer

Aside from the numbers we’ve also had some feedback from event organisers that has made it all worthwhile. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • David Drury on Trust Pilot:

    • “Easy to use and offering free hosting for online events until September, a great gesture for people struggling for income right now like myself.”

  • Steve Gladding on Trust Pilot:

    • “Very easy to use and with me only doing online events Ticket Tailor has saved our lives. We both work in public jobs and so our total income stopped as the lockdown started. We couldn't claim any help due to various reasons.
      Ticket Tailor stopped all payments until September so I managed to keep food on our table by doing small online events.”

  • Anne from the US in response to our survey:

    • “Thank you for having it be free for online events. That helped me immensely. I'm not running any classes right now, but if I start up again I will use Ticket Tailor”

How can you help Ticket Tailor?

Support from Ticket Tailor users over the last few months has been what has been keeping us motivated through these difficult times. Though we are well placed to invest in the future and will ensure we continue to be the world’s best-loved ticketing platform there are a few ways that you could help:

  1. Share this article and the news that we are free with your friends, colleagues and social networks. Here are some useful links to help out:

  2. Give us a positive review. If you use Ticket Tailor and have had a great experience then we’d love for you to let other people know:

Other than that - all we can ask is that you continue enjoy using Ticket Tailor and supporting us through these strange times!