Ticket Tailor extends offer of being free for online events until at least 1st September 2020

UPDATE: This has been extended to 31st December 2020.

At the end of March we announced that in light of the challenging times for event organisers around the world that we would make our platform free for online, virtual and remote events/webinars until at least 1st July. Today we’re announcing the extension of this offer until at least 1st September 2020.

As an independent ticketing company we know there is a limit to how much we can do to alleviate the vast challenges our community is currently facing. Nevertheless, we’re spending this time solely focussed on how we can support event organisers and put them in the best position possible for when things start getting back to some version of normality.

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Jonny White, Ticket Tailor’s founder, explains more here: “We’re taking a long term view on this crisis. We know at some point events will go back to being in-person, albeit slightly differently, but in the interim we’re going to continue doing all we can to support our community. The response to the initial announcement was overwhelming, we were flooded with users letting us know how helpful us lifting our online fees was for them, so if it was helping, it was a simple decision to extend it.”

The amount of online events on Ticket Tailor continues to grow, and so does the creativity. We’ve loved seeing the virtual world come alive with communities connecting around the globe. Here’s a short selection of online events that have been entertaining, educating and us all healthy during this unsettling time:

Finally, we just want to say thank you for the incredible support you have shown us over the last few months. Shoutouts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have not gone unnoticed and has been really uplifting for our team. Your kind words and referrals are what keeps Ticket Tailor growing!

Below are some FAQs we anticipate you having:

How do I claim this offer?
When creating an event, check the ‘This is an online event’ box and we’ll automatically offer you free ticketing on all ticket sales. 

I have an online event already live, can I benefit from this offer?
If you edit your event and check the ‘This is an online event’ box then all future ticket sales will be free.

Do I still have to pay Stripe/Paypal fees?
Stripe and Paypal charge small fees for processing the payments your ticket buyers make. Unfortunately, we have no control over these fees so they will still be applied to all transactions.

What if I’m on a monthly plan?
If you are on a monthly plan, all sales of online events will not count towards your monthly quota. As usual, monthly plans can be paused at any point.

Why just online events?
Over the next four months we anticipate the vast majority of events to be held online, and in most countries we operate in in-person gatherings are no longer allowed. As well as going free for online events, we are also throwing all of our product development resources at ensuring we can support in-person events with solutions to lockdown easement requirements.

When does the offer apply until?
All ticket sales for events that take place on and up to the 31st August 2020. So, for clarity, if you setup an online event for 1st October 2020, you will be charged our normal fees for ticket sales of that event.

How can I support Ticket Tailor?
As you can imagine, our business is also heavily impacted by the current situation. The majority of our new event organisers discover us through referrals and recommendations from existing users. If you know of event organisers who would benefit from this offer, or use social media, please share this announcement far and wide. Many thanks for your support!