Socially distanced seating is now live!

Social distancing rulesets

If you're running an event in a venue, chances are you have had to adapt to social distancing rules, as part of getting used to the 'new normal'.

Now, with Ticket Tailor, you can easily apply social distancing rulesets to your event's seating chart, leaving you less time worrying about the guidelines, and more time delivering a great event!

Whether you have a cinema, theatre, pub, or even a church, our new social distancing rulesets allow you to automate your social distancing rules, so you can sell as many tickets as possible, without ever accidentally overbooking.

Social distancing rulesets allow you to:

  • Customise your social distancing rules based on current restrictions.

  • Repeat your rulesets for multiple events in your venue.

  • Easily edit or remove distancing rules based on restriction changes.

  • Set maximum and minimum group sizes, to control your ticket sales.

Social distancing rulesets are quick and easy to apply to your existing seating chart, and you can find all the information about how to add them to your event in our help centre.

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