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Top ticketing tips to sell out your bonfire night event 2024

Planning some spectacular bonfire night happenings for this year’s autumn season? This article is for you. Here are our top ticketing tips for this year’s fireworks events – which are sure to see things go off with a pop, whizz and a bang. 

Bonfire night fireworks lighting up sky with shadows of people in crowd

Planning some spectacular bonfire night happenings for this year’s autumn season? This article is for you.

Here are our top ticketing tips for this year’s fireworks events – which are sure to see things go off with a pop, whizz and a bang. 

How to sell more tickets to your bonfire night event 2022

Whether you’ve got a head start on your Bonfire Night planning or are looking for last-minute ways to sell-out – there are a few things you can do to boost ticket sales in the run-up to November 5th.

Here goes👇…

Run a flash sale

Running a flash sale is a great way to amp up the energy around your event and create that all-important sense of urgency for potential attendees. 

All you have to do is release a set amount of tickets at a discounted price – whoever’s quick enough to nab them gets to benefit from cheaper entry. 

For example, say your standard adult ticket price is £15. You could release 50 tickets at £10, communicating that once they’re gone, they’re gone.  

There’s nothing like a bit of FOMO when it comes to encouraging ticket sales!

two sparklers at bonfire night event

Offer ticket discounts to certain groups 

Running special offers for select groups can help you reach a wider audience and sell more tickets to your fireworks event. You could run a discount for NHS staff, for example, or students at the local university. 

Check out our guide to setting unique ticket prices for certain groups here >

The best bit? Once people get wind that they get a special discount, they’ll be sure to tell all their peers!

Top tip: for more word-of-mouth promo ideas, head here >

Provide some incentives for people to buy ticket in advance

Selling as many tickets as possible prior to your event gives you peace of mind that it’s going to be a success. To encourage people to buy tickets online (rather than waiting until they get to your event), it can help to offer some simple incentives.

You could guarantee online ticket buyers a parking spot, for example. Or you could make it possible for attendees to reserve a great fireworks viewing spot when they buy tickets online.

Everyone knows that bonfire night events get super busy! So giving attendees the chance to make sure their evening runs smoothly could be a really powerful incentive for them to buy tickets ahead of time. 

Person holding tea outside at bonfire event

Include a free festive drink in the price of tickets

Make your bonfire night event feel more like an occasion with a free festive drink included in the price of tickets. We’re thinking mulled wine or cider for adults, and hot chocolate with all the trimmings for kids!

Let kids under a certain age go free

This is a really simple and effective tactic for selling more tickets. Costs can soon rack up for bigger families, so letting kids under a certain age go free might be the difference between them attending and not.

Create family tickets with bundles

Selling group packages for families can be a great way to make your event feel more enticing – and it’s super easy to do using our Ticket Bundles feature.

The idea behind selling bundles is that you give a discount to those attending in groups.

You could offer a package for families of, say, two adults and two children, and packages for groups of friends. For example, one for four adults, and one for six adults. The more people in the bundle, the better the individual ticket discount should be. 

So, say an individual adult ticket costs £12. You could offer a bundle of four adult tickets for £40 (£10 each). For six adults, you could cost the bundle at £54 (£9 each). 

Get your ticket pricing right

It can be tricky to get your bonfire night ticket pricing right – especially when there are so many other competing events. For this reason, it’s important to keep a close eye on what others in your local area are charging, so you don’t price yourself out.

There’s nothing to say you have to match others' pricing exactly – but if your tickets are on the more costly side there needs to be a good justification for this. Perhaps your event lasts for longer, for example, or has lots of additional elements that make it that bit more impressive. For lots of fun ideas to make your Fireworks events even more spectacular, head over to our guide:

You can also check out our annual fireworks night report to find out more about bonfire ticketing trends and average pricing for 2023.

Students around fireplace in the dark at bonfire night event

How to sell tickets online to your bonfire night event

It’s super easy to sell tickets online to your bonfire night events using Ticket Tailor. You’ll just need to:

  • Create a free Ticket Tailor account – it only takes a minute!
  • Create a box office page – fill out some details about yourself and the kind of event/s you’ll be creating.
  • Add a new event – provide all the details that your attendees will see, like the time date, time, and location of your event. You can customise your event page, too – a sparkly fireworks shot for your header image is a must!
  • Choose your ticket types and set your various prices.
  • Set up any ticket bundles – find out how here.
  • Once your event is set up, you can publish it and share the page so people can buy tickets.
  • Head here for our full guide to selling tickets online with Ticket Tailor (there’s a handy YouTube video, too).

Top tip: there are lots of cool ways you can save time when it comes to selling tickets to your festive events – check out this guide to find out more!

Want to boost revenue?

One of the best ways to make additional profit on top of your ticket sales is to sell products and add-ons – which is super easy to do with Ticket Tailor’s online store feature. This allows you to sell merch all year round, so you can give attendees the chance to get stocked up with ponchos, sparklers, neon lights and fun toys for kids in the run up to your bonfire event/s. 

We hope these tips and tricks were useful! Bring on the mulled wine, toffee apples and dazzling, night-sky displays 💫.

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