Virtual events now the new normal

Us humans have long been aware of the power of digital. From video calls with distant relatives through to carrying out whole degrees online – we’re no strangers to the beauty of the internet. But it’s taken a global pandemic to really understand just how vitally enabling the digital world can be in a time of crisis. In lockdown, logging on to connect with others is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s our only option. 

Online events

The result of this has been quite remarkable, with businesses flocking to the virtual realm to try and keep their operations afloat, and the general public hitting group video chats en masse for non-social socialisation. 

In fact, downloads of the video chat and game app, Houseparty, rose from 130,000 a week in mid-February to 2 million a week in mid-March – a clear symbol of the shift we’re all making towards our collective ‘new normal’. Here at Ticket Tailor, we’re also seeing tons of events moving over to the online space, even from those we’d never have expected to see set up shop in the digital world.

All this goes to show that out of chaos and concern is often bred incredible creativity, which we can all learn from. If you’re struggling to figure out a way to keep your business ticking over in these uncertain times, or simply want to give back to your community, read on for some inspiring remote event ideas that may enable you to stay connected with the people you care about.

Housebound health and wellness 

It’s official. A new virtual fitness trend has emerged, with everyone from Olympic athletes to P.E. teachers doing all they can to get people active through the power of live streaming. 

And why not? With today’s technology, it’s more than possible for us to log onto our laptops, roll out an exercise mat, and listen to our tutor’s encouraging instructions – all from the comfort of our own living room. Of course, exercise videos are no more innovative than spandex shorts, but it’s the live element of these classes that brings a whole new meaning to working out at home.

Not only can we carry on with our zumba, spin, pilates or bums-and-tums sessions, keeping our physical and mental health on-point, we can come together with our classmates in the moment.

meditation at home

Platforms like Zoom have made all this possible, enabling groups of people to take part in classes in as close a way as possible to the real thing. With this nifty video conference tool – which, unsurprisingly, is now soaring in popularity – the class instructor is front and centre of the screen, with participants sitting in their own little boxes all around so they can see and communicate with each other.

From living room yoga through to virtual meditation sessions and kid-friendly workout videos, if you’re in the fitness and wellbeing sector, now’s the time to jump aboard the digital bandwagon. 

Keep-indoors conferences

As conferences across the globe are forced to come to a halt – in the physical realm, at least – the power of the internet comes out in full force once again. Take the 30,000 people who were set to attend the Google Cloud Next ‘20 conference in San Francisco this April. They’ll now be able to enjoy Google Cloud Next 20: Digital Connect – a free, multi-day event connecting attendees to conference content and each other via streamed presentations, as well as breakout sessions, question times and interactive digital meetings. Well, if Google couldn’t shift its plans to the digital realm, there’d be no hope for the rest of us, right?!

Events on Ticket Tailor show that others are taking heed, with things like BlockDown 2020 proving that there’s a lot to be gained from hosting large-scale conferences online. The lockdown-reactive conference will bring together the blockchain cryptocurrency community amid this crisis, and promises to ‘host’ 3000+ attendees with over 200 speakers and media professionals, providing exceptional networking opportunities despite being a fully digital event. 

Other similar activities include virtual educational courses, with universities, schools and other educators moving their resources online. From video-seminars to live streamed lectures and discussions, if you’re in the business of imparting wisdom, there’s ample opportunity to keep this up online throughout the lockdown. 

Pub quizzes in your PJs 

It’s been truly amazing to see how resourceful people can be when it comes to keeping their Friday-night routine as close to the real thing as possible during lockdown. Enter: the quarantine quiz, aka your usual Friday night pint and a quiz down the local pub, only this time, it’s in your living room, and you’re quite possibly in your PJs. 

Some are taking to platforms like Zoom to organise their own quiz with friends, others are joining up to official virtual pub quizzing events like the Big Screen Quiz Live, complete with a real-life quizmaster and tempting cash prizes. 

These great fun home-quizzes are an excellent idea for everyone from pub owners to charity event organisers, who can all reap the rewards of keeping their communities’ spirits alive and kicking – even if they can’t technically come together in person. 

Live comedy from your couch

Instagram is currently awash with more amazing live content than it’s ever seen, with everyone from Coldplay’s Chris Martin to Jessy J, to John Legend live streaming performances to keep their fans upbeat and entertained in this time of need. And now comedians are following suit, with numerous live-streamed gigs popping up online, enabling the stand-ups themselves to stay afloat while also providing some much needed comic relief to the general public. 

Hull comedian, Jack Gleadow, for example, has promised to host a series of live gigs from his very own bedroom, featuring a range of sketches, games and guests via live webcam. Other comedy clubs like Liverpool’s Hot Water Comedy Club are running similar online events, with a fair ‘donate what you can’ policy to help keep their comics above water without demanding too much of their audience in this difficult time. 

Finally… house parties like you’ve never seen them before

For the ravers and party-animals out there, this enforced social-deprivation is bound to be hard to bear, but musicians and DJs are doing everything in their power to alleviate some of the stress. While it’s probably ambitious to expect to be able to replicate the electric atmosphere of an underground rave in your own home, things like Defected’s recent 12-hour live music stream can go a long way towards satiating house-heads’ appetites for excellent music and even better vibes. 

One cancelled music festival even went so far as to move the whole thing to radio, featuring DJ sets from artists such as Major Lazor, Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond. 

Gig, festival or DJ set been cancelled? The message here is clear: do not let that stop you!

There is no denying that these are extremely worrying times, but if there’s one positive to come out of all of this it’s the human spirit that enables so many to keep on doing what they’re doing – against all odds. That, and the fact that never before have we as a species been so glad for that little invention called the internet…Phew!