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Webinar wizz-through: Getting the most out of memberships

We’ve compiled all the important info into this quick read, including a handy Q&A section from the Ticket Tailor community.

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We recently ran a webinar on our memberships feature – one of the many different revenue-boosting products you can use to enhance your events business through Ticket Tailor. But if you don’t have time to watch it, don’t worry! We’ve compiled all the important info into this quick read, including a handy Q&A section from the Ticket Tailor community👇. 

🎟️ What is Ticket Tailor’s memberships & season passes feature?

When you sell tickets online with Ticket Tailor, you can give your customers the chance to purchase memberships and season passes with our memberships feature (memberships can also be sold in other ways – more on this below!). This means you can grant fans of your events or venue with free or discounted entry and other perks across a set time span. 

You are in total control of this super-flexible feature – which is really easy to set up and can be tailored to your exact needs. 

Say, for example, you run a theme park and want to offer people the chance to buy a membership for the summer season. But you also want to limit how many entries this gives them. You can easily do this by setting a timeframe for this particular membership, as well as a limit on the number of times the attendee can use it. On the flipside, you can give members unlimited entry. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of exactly what you can use memberships for: 

  • Give members an unlimited or set amount of entries to your event or venue – so, they pay for their membership then get to attend your event/venue for either a limited or unlimited number of times without paying any more.
  • Give members exclusive discounts on tickets – in this case, you could design things so a customer pays a ‘deposit’ for their membership (say, £10), after which point they get access to special members-only discounts on tickets. 
  • Give members other perks – say, 10% off at your cafe, early access to tickets, or free entry for kids.

💫 Why are memberships great for events & venues?

Memberships are a great way to reward your fans and attendees! They help you to build a loyal, engaged community through offering dedicated attendees better deals and perks – all while boosting your own revenue. Nice. 

How to use Ticket Tailor memberships 

We’ve written tutorials to take you through the practicalities of setting up memberships and season passes:

But for now, here’s a quick breakdown of the four-step process of using memberships:

  • Create: first, you create your membership/s – you can create as many different types as you like.
  • Issue: you can sell memberships:
    As an upsell to those who buy tickets online (they’ll get an option to buy a membership after buying a ticket.
    In your Ticket Tailor store (so people can buy them without first buying a ticket).
    In your physical store / in-person at your event or attraction (you provide customers with a physical card and then add their name and email manually into Ticket Tailor. You can then write the buyer’s unique code on their card).
  • Redeem: members get their own unique code and QR barcode – every time they attend your event/venue, their QR is scanned and their entry is registered on our check-in app. Or, they can use their code to buy/reserve member tickets in advance online. Again, this is registered in your Ticket Tailor account. 
  • Manage: you can easily manage your memberships in Ticket Tailor. For example, you can cancel memberships and process refunds, and you can also edit individuals’ memberships – say, to give them more or less entries. 

🙋 Handy questions from the Ticket Tailor community 

During our webinar, we opened the floor to members of the Ticket Tailor community, so they could ask about the specifics of our memberships feature:

How do family pass memberships work?

Simply set up a membership type for ‘families’, stipulating how many adults and children that grants entry to. For example, you might make your family pass valid for up to two adults and three children at a time. 

Each time the family pass is used, this gets logged in your Ticket Tailor account. (Each time the family enters, that’s one redemption.) Like with all memberships, you can set a limited or unlimited number of entries for families. 

What counts as a membership redemption?

Memberships can be used in two different ways:

  • The member can use their unique code to buy or reserve tickets online, prior to attending your event or venue.
  • The member can have their unique QR barcode scanned at the doors or your event or venue.

In both cases, the redemption is logged in your Ticket Tailor account.

Can you bulk import memberships if you’ve already got a member programme?

Unfortunately, not yet. But we’d love to hear from anyone who would find it helpful to have this capability and why. We’ll definitely look into it! You can contact us on the chat function on our website, or by emailing [email protected].

Can a member always get access to the same seat?

It’s not possible to assign permanent, specific seats to individual members. But you can tie our seating charts feature to your memberships to make it so that a specific area is reserved for members only. You’d do this by allocating a set of tickets (in a specific seating area) to ‘members only’. So only members would be able to access these specific seats.

Is it possible to offer auto-renewing or subscription payments for memberships through Ticket Tailor?

Unfortunately, not yet. But quite a few members of our community have expressed interest in this as a feature/capability, so we’re currently exploring it!

How do deposit based memberships work?

A customer would pay an upfront amount – say, £10 – for a membership, which would then give them access to discounted tickets going forwards. So, rather than paying for a number of entries up front, they’d pay a smaller set fee then be able to access cheaper, members-only tickets for a set time span. 

Which app needs to be downloaded to scan memberships at the door?

We’ve just launched a brand new Ticket Tailor app, which can be used (among many other things!) to scan memberships at the door of your event or venue. You can find this in your app store by searching for ‘Ticket Tailor’. 

Important note: Our old app, Tazotix, does not support our memberships feature, meaning you can’t use it for scanning in members. We’ll be phasing out Tazotix over the coming months – so it’s worth checking out and downloading our new app soon! 

Find out all you need to know about the new Ticket Tailor app >

Can members check to see how many redemptions/entries they have left?

At the moment, there isn’t a way for your customers to check this themselves – you’d have to do this for them. So they’d need to contact you or a member of your team to find out. However, we think it’s a great idea for members to be able to check themselves, so we’re going to look into this! 

(Of course, members will know when their entries have run out as their code will no longer be valid at checkout.)

How does the costing side of things work?

As with our usual ticketing pricing, we’ve designed our memberships feature to be as cost effective for you as possible. In a nutshell: you only pay a small flat fee when the customer pays. 

So, when a customer pays for a membership, that will cost you one credit or pay-as-you-go charge. There are no charges for redeeming membership entries if they are free after the point of buying the membership – or if a 100% discount applies. If you’re charging for membership entries (say, if the membership provides a discount that is anything less than 100%), you’ll be charged one credit or pay-as-you-go charge. 

And that’s a wrap! We hope this has been useful – watch this space for more handy Ticket Tailor webinar content, designed to help you get the most out of our platform 💪. 

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