Covid19 secure ticketing for live music

Free vaccine registration software

Ticket Tailor can support COVID-19 vaccine registrations with time slot management, secure data requirements and automated reminders. What's more, we are offering the free use of Ticket Tailor for all free vaccinations booked via our platform.

We're here to help you get the world back to normal.

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Ticket Tailor provides all the features you need for a successful vaccination roll out in your community.

Our experience of the ticketing and event registration industry means we have over 10 years of technology that is perfectly suited to vaccination programmes. Whether it's time-slot management, a free check-in app or data privacy - we've got you covered.

ticketing for vaccine management

Personal data is safe with us

  • You can customize the check out form to collect only strictly necessary data.
  • You are always the data controller of registrant information.
  • Registrants do not need to create an account or have a password - so check out is simple and fast.
ticketing for vaccine management

We make it simple to manage time slots

  • It's simple to create multiple time slots per day over large periods of time.
  • A simple calendar feature makes it easy for registrants to find the perfect slot for them.
  • Every time slot has capacity limits and can be hidden or deleted at the click of a button.
Ticket Tailor festival ticketing

A queue system to manage demand

  • If you are expecting high surges of demand then we have a queue system to ensure the registrants can continue to register.
  • Our platform operated at 99.99% uptime over the last 3 years.
  • There is no maximum size to the number of registrants we can handle.
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Specific features ideal

for vaccination roll outs

Time slot management

Time slots can be created for any 5 minute increment, up to a maximum of 288 slots per day. These can then be repeated over as many days as required.

Calendar selector

Registrants can easily select the specific date and time they would like to book their vaccination for using our calendar feature.

Customizable check out form

You have total control over the questions you ask registrants. You can even set validation rules to ensure accurate data collection.

Customizable confirmation email

Edit the confirmation email to include any required information the registrant needs to know before arrival at the vaccination centre. Confirmation emails come with 'Add to calendar' links so that booked slots can automatically be added into their calendars.

Automate additional emails to registrants

You can send reminder emails to your registrants so that they have all the vital information they need before arriving. These can be setup to automatically send at a time before their time slot, e.g. 2 hours before their slot.

Free check-in app

All confirmation emails automatically include a QR code and barcode that is compatible with our free check-in app. The app works with all iOS and Android devices and can be used by multiple devices at once.

No compromise on safety, security or scale

The safety and security of your customer data is our number one priority. We work with events of all sizes and in a range of industries, but if you have a large event where you expect to have significantly high volume of ticket sales in one day, then please reach out to discuss volume management.

Want to see it in action?

Check out the demo
Offering our platform for free to support vaccination rollouts is a small thing we can do to help the industry and wider society get back on its feet.
Jonny White, Founder Ticket Tailor