5 Beautiful Squarespace templates for events


Squarespace is a publishing platform that allows you to create your own website through a simple, intuitive process. The creativity and innovation of the Squarespace team is visible in their logo design system and the robustness of the platform itself.

Event organisers looking for a slick, professional solution to manage their events can choose one of the myriad custom templates, ranging from beautiful single page portfolios to multi-layered themes offering flexibility and customisation.

Squarespace offers:

1. A wide selection of customisable free and paid templates tailored to specific industries

2. Many free and paid addons that have been pre-tested and offer additional site functionality

3. Reliable hosting and excellent customer support

Naturally, Ticket Tailor also integrates with Squarespace - we even have a list of our 5 favourite templates for event organisers:

Event Horizon

Horizon template

Event Horizon is a great example of a spacious one-page portfolio. Everything is displayed on the front page, with a menu bar that will jump users to specific content. There is a section for sharing details on upcoming events, including the day and date, venue, location, and the ability to RSVP. Additional pages can be added to share images and videos from past events.



Aviator is ideal for any event requiring built-in maps and a separate news page. For conferences, the 'product' pages can be altered to accommodate speaker profiles, or to list which talks will be taking place and when.


SqS - Encore Template

Encore is an easy to use event template for artists who are constantly on tour. It provides a rather different layout from Horizon and includes separate webpages for different types of content. This theme includes a distinct biography page, media player and event listing.


SqS - Adversary Template

Adversary is another one-page events website for artists. The top menu lets you access different areas of the page, including the events section, where fans can view the dates and venues of different shows, buy tickets or RSVP.


SqS - Om Template

Om is a business website with a simple, open interface and a clean layout, perfect for professionals who organise seminars or workshops. The host can easily list different classes, indicating the date, time, and training content. Clients can then register and indicate when they will be available to attend.

In Conclusion

Although these are our favourite themes for event oriented websites, you can find more beautifully designed templates here. Those wishing for a wide variety of highly distinct themes may wish to use WordPress, but for a simple, elegant and reliable e-commerce solution, Squarespace ticks all the boxes.