Ticket Tailor’s 2022 Annual Fireworks Night Report

Ah Bonfire Night, an evening to devour toffee apples, watch spectacular fireworks, and keep warm by flaming fires - all in celebration of a failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament hundreds of years ago!

Sounds a bit bonkers if you really think about it, but, we Brits are fiercely proud of our cracking tradition. And the Ticket Tailor Annual Fireworks Night Report, which looked at over 400 firework displays over the last four years has revealed that the popularity of firework displays is showing no signs of slowing down.

Firework photography by arthur chauvineau

The popularity of Bonfire Night remains strong

Bonfire Night (also known as Fireworks Night and Guy Fawkes Night) is the 9th most popular National or Religious event* in the UK, just below Father's Day (8th) and above Saint Patrick’s Day (10th) and Halloween (11th). For Gen X-ers, Guy Fawkes is yet more popular (6th place), even sitting above New Year’s Eve (9th). So it’s clear there is no doubt that the Brits love a frosty evening of crackling sparklers and big bangs, and given it’s remaining a hit with the younger generation - we can be confident that it’s holding its place as a popular national event.

The 2022 Fireworks Night Report also found that:

  • The number of fireworks displays selling tickets in 2022 is up by 60% compared to 2019

  • The average ticket price has skyrocketed by 30%, from £4.80 to over £6.30**

  • The most common organisers of fireworks nights in the UK are local sports clubs (1st) and school PTAs (2nd)

George Follett, Commercial Director of Ticket Tailor says: “Since 2019 every event type and industry has had a different journey through the pandemic. In 2020, short of a few drive-in events, Guy Fawkes night was all but cancelled. However, 2021 and 2022 have seen more displays than ever before and it’s great to see communities coming together to celebrate. The thing we love about Guy Fawkes nights is that they are hyper-local events, put on by local community groups, for the local community.”

On the price rises he goes on to share: “It’s clear cost rises seen across the entire economy are also impacting the costs of running a fireworks display. Most fireworks are imported from China and costs have gone through the roof. Given these rises, it's understandable that this has a knock-on effect on ticket prices. At Ticket Tailor, we try to keep our fees as low as possible to minimise our effect on overall costs.”

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The UK events industry is worth over £40bn per year. We will work with over 15k event organisers in 2022, helping them sell over 15m tickets. This gives us a unique insight into event industry trends and consumer behaviour.

*according to YouGov polling (https://yougov.co.uk/ratings/entertainment/popularity/national-and-religious-events/all)
** based on over 400 Ticket Tailor fireworks events