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7 must-haves for a sell-out and totally killer Halloween club night

Core components of a truly killer Halloween club night – one that attracts fang-wearing, groove-mastering, roof-raising attendees in their droves

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Forget Christmas, for some, Halloween is the most (weird and) wonderful time of the year by far. Among them, serial club-goers, who seize the opportunity to get up to their usual DJ-fuelled antics, only with the energy pumped up hauntingly high.

A chance to embrace all that is spooky and bizarre, as an event planner, there’s no better excuse to take club nights to whole new realms of hedonistic excellence. From mind-bending lighting displays to hair-raising music and outrageous costumes, the scope for creativity is vast. But with so many other organisers vying for the attention of late-night Halloween revelers, how can you make sure your tickets sell out thick and fast, and not scarily slow? 

Here’s what we think are the core components of a truly killer halloween club night – one that attracts fang-wearing, groove-mastering, roof-raising attendees in their droves.

1. A bone-chilling venue 

Give your club night an edge with a quirky venue that screams halloween. Think: vast abandoned warehouse vibes, or an old converted building that drips with eerie gothicism. Failing that, any venue can be made to feel spooktacular with the right decorations and props, but first you need to pick...

2. A totally spine-tingling theme

Whether you go for something tongue-in-cheek, wonderfully niche or just all-out classic Halloween, a solid theme forms the backbone of any great Halloween event. Make sure you shout about yours in all your marketing communications to build the hype. Your theme should be splattered all over everything from your ticket box office page to your social media posts and reminder emails.

Tip: Ticket Tailor lets you customise your event ticketing page, so you can load it up with frightening imagery and spooky graphics to match your theme! 

3. A line-up of truly wicked DJs

No Halloween club night is complete without a line-up of DJs who can play to a costume-clad crowd while bringing impressive Halloween touchnotes to their set. On this spooky night of revelry and fun, attendees expect just that little bit extra from their favourite DJs, so be sure to pick those who are able to inject their sets with that extra bit of creativity… and plenty of wicked flair. 

4. Hair-raising lighting design 

Amping up your lighting design efforts is one sure-fire way to make for a truly memorable Halloween night. Make sure attendees know exactly how much effort you’re putting into this aspect of your event by giving them a sneak peak via your marketing materials. Try posting a few Instagram stories, for example, to give people an enticing glimpse into the epic strobe scenery they can look forward to if they choose to buy tickets to your event.

5. Very freaky visuals & eerie effects 

Take your Halloween visuals to the next level by implementing mind-tripping imagery in the form of haunting video mapping and projection. Let attendees know you’re putting on an all-encompassing display of other-worldly weirdness, and they’re sure to pick your event over others.

6. A spookily great-value online ticketing service

With all the extras you’re putting into your super-spooky club night, it’ll be imperative to make sure you’re not overpaying on your ticketing, as this can end up eating into your precious profits. Do your research instead of just picking one of the major ticketing players at random, because some, like Eventbrite, charge a percentage of each ticket sale on top of a fixed fee, which can soon add up.

Tip: At Ticket Tailor, we don’t think it’s fair to charge a percentage fee on top of a fixed fee. That’s why we just charge a simple fixed fee per ticket sale, making us a much cheaper alternative to Eventbrite >

7. Plenty of petrifying promo

Like with any club night, it’ll be crucial to ramp up the excitement in the lead up to your Hallween club night to get those ticket sales rolling in. As this particular event is seasonal, it’s key to boost your marketing efforts in the final couple of weeks, as it’s unlikely people will start thinking about Halloween too far in advance. 

Check out our guides to online event promotion here:

We hope these tips and tricks have helped inspire you to put on an eerie, epic and totally extraordinary Halloween event... Let the spooks commence!

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