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Pumpkin patch ideas: how to make more money from your pumpkin patch this Halloween & beyond

Read on for some creative ways to make your pumpkin patch events stand out from the crowd this Halloween and beyond.

a truck with a lot of pumpkins

Wondering how you can sell more tickets to your u-pick pumpkin patch events this autumn? It’s all about creating a fun, dynamic and totally unforgettable experience for your attendees. 

Anyone can pick up a pumpkin at the supermarket, but Halloween enthusiasts want to come to your patch to be immersed in the unmistakable magic and ethereal atmosphere of autumn. Think: fresh countryside air, rolling fields of plump orange pumpkins, and plenty of authentic family fun. 

Sound good? Read on for some creative ways to make your pumpkin patch events stand out from the crowd this Halloween and beyond.

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a tractor on hay bales with pumpkins

Include lots of fun activities

Take inspiration from California’s Rancho Siempre Verde farm, which runs its very own Fall Pumpkin Picking Festival each year. Activities include tractor rides, ‘cut your own flowers’ sessions, wreath making and, of course, pumpkin picking. Nice!

Add a foodie focus

Adding a foodie focus to your pumpkin patch event is a great way to entice even more attendees. We’re thinking: delicious home-cooked soups, casseroles, cakes, and other delectable goodies from the produce of your farm. 

We love how this pumpkin patch event in Alabama includes authentic country fare cooked over an open fire and in a wood burning stove. Sounds idyllic!

Make it Instagrammable 

Pumpkin picking might be an old tradition, but it’s got serious digital-era-appeal thanks to the Instagrammable nature of Halloween’s gnarliest veg. 

Take heed from this amazing pumpkin experience, aptly named Pumpkinville, which offers an immersive Halloween-themed wonderland for explorers to enjoy. This all-out experience includes giant pumpkin sculptures, pumpkin houses and a candy forest featuring no less than 25,000 pumpkins. Impressive. 

Why not get some local artists involved at your pumpkin patch to carve out some weird and wonderful pumpkin sculptures of your own? If people get wind that there’s a serious Insta-opportunity at your event, they’re sure to grab up tickets fast. 

a group of carved pumpkins on a bench

Sell merchandise with ticket add-ons

If you’re putting on an epic pumpkin picking event, selling merch is a great way to turn a bit of extra profit while giving attendees the chance to buy fun souvenirs. 

Whether you go for spooky t-shirts, pumpkin-shaped mugs, or something just as quirky, it’s super easy to sell merchandise with Ticket Tailor’s handy ticket Add-on feature. Here are some useful guides covering all you need to know:

Create a spooky Halloween trail experience

Turn your farm into a spooky haven of fun and excitement with an atmospheric trail through surrounding woodland, or even through a maze!

We love how creative Redhill’s Priory Farm is with its Halloween trail idea, which is centered around a very spooky story dating back to 1802, involving pumpkin pirates and lots of other richly drawn characters!

a group of pumpkins and gourds

Keep an eye on pumpkin variety trends

Serial pumpkin-pickers are sure to want to get their hands on a whole range of funny-looking pumpkins… in fact, for some, the uglier and wartier the better! So it’s always good to keep an eye on pumpkin variety trends each year to keep your events competitive and the tickets selling out thick and fast.

Put on a pumpkin decorating workshop

If arts and crafts are your thing, combining a pumpkin carving and decorating workshop with your u-pick event could be a great way to offer a little extra to attendees. Throw some tasty drinks and sweet treats into the mix for a fully festive experience.

We hope these ideas have got you feeling inspired! Here’s to a plentiful season of pumpkin picking and autumnal fun in the great outdoors! 

Planning on making your pumpkin picking event free entry with a view to making money from sales and merch? We’ve got you covered with a totally free event ticketing solution (it won’t cost you a penny). 

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