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Ticket Tailor 2023 annual fireworks night report

Nothing beats crunching through sweet toffee apples while watching magical fireworks and keeping warm by a huge crackling bonfire.

fireworks in the sky over water

Nothing beats crunching through sweet toffee apples while watching magical fireworks and keeping warm by a huge crackling bonfire. This timeless tradition, which Brits go bonkers about, marks a failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament hundreds of years ago!

Now, that might all sound a bit bonkers if you really think about it, but Bonfire Night (also known as Fireworks Night and Guy Fawkes Night) has maintained its position as the 9th most popular National or Religious event in the UK. And each year, as the embers of the latest Bonfire Night celebrations settle, we take the opportunity to delve into the insights from hundreds of fireworks displays using Ticket Tailor to sell tickets online. 

Keep reading as we uncover the latest industry trends and explore why, year after year, the allure of Bonfire Night shows no signs of fading.

fireworks in the sky over water


The 2023 Fireworks Night Report revealed:

  1. The number of firework shows selling tickets on Ticket Tailor surged by 21% since 2022.
  2. The average size of fireworks shows has increased by 6%, with typical events now selling over 1,300 tickets.
  3. Revenue has seen a robust 11% increase, with the average ticket sales revenue per fireworks show reaching an impressive £11,000 in 2023.
  4. The average ticket price (excluding free tickets) stands at £8.45, which is a 5% increase from the previous year.
  5. Our data gives an indication of which community groups are the prolific organisers of Bonfire Night events:
    -Schools 46%,
    -Sports clubs 19%,
    -Scouts 9%
    -Round Tables 8%
    -Other 18% (includes councils, venues and promoters)
  6. Of the sports clubs hosting Fireworks Nights, cricket clubs held a dominant 58% share, followed closely by rugby clubs at 33%. 

pie chart of the most common organisers of fireworks nights in the UK in 2023

Bonfire Night events continue to grow in size, revenue and popularity

Overall, it’s clear that things are only going upwards with events growing not only in size but also in revenue and attendee numbers. George Follett, Commercial Director of Ticket Tailor says: "It's been another huge Guy Fawkes night at Ticket Tailor, with hundreds of shows being powered by our ticketing software. It was a tense year for Fireworks Nights across the country as Storm Babet and then Storm Ciarán loomed over much of the UK. Fortunately though, as the weekend of 3rd-5th November approached the winds and rain largely dropped off and fireworks shows could put on the displays ticket buyers were hoping for.”

He continues, “This uncertainty around the weather led to a late burst of sales, but ultimately it was a successful year of ticket sales and fundraising for displays across the UK. As we dived into the numbers behind this year's displays it was great to see larger crowds and more money raised for good causes. More often than not it's organisations at the heart of the communities putting on the displays for a good cause – schools, sports clubs, Round Tables and Scout organisations deserve a particular shoutout."

We also spoke with Kyle McGill, organiser of the annual Billericay Round Table Fireworks Display, to understand what it takes to put on their spectacular event: “Running the largest fireworks show in Essex is demanding but great fun. Fireworks planning has come a long way over the last 10 years where all tickets were sold on the gate. With Ticket Tailor, we knew we had achieved our break-even point before we even started setting up, which takes a huge stress off and makes the event even more enjoyable for all the hardworking volunteers.” 

Already planning your Firework’s events for 2024? See how our pricing compares to other event ticketing platforms. And discover our top ticketing tips to promote and sell out your bonfire night event.

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